8 Activities for the Ultimate Staycation (+ Free Printable)

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Everyone needs a break from every day sometimes — but it isn’t always a realistic option to get out of town and travel somewhere relaxing. That’s where a STAYcation comes in. As the name implies, staycations are little breaks from reality that you can enjoy from your living room! Get yourself in the vacation mindset and let yourself escape from your job, life or social stress for the weekend. 

This guide will help all couples plan and execute the perfect staycation from home or backyard — doing so can not only be a fun break from reality, but also a great way to connect with your partner and deepen your relationship. 

1. Visit a Farmer’s Market then Cook a Meal

Going to your local farmer’s market is a fun way to explore the side of your city that you might not see often. Peruse the booths of artisan cheeses, fresh produce, craft meats and more as you enjoy your morning together. For added fun: use the farmer’s market selections to buy ingredients for a recipe that you’ll then make together later in the day. This creates a feeling of teamwork, fun and connection!

2. Transform Your Living Room Into a Luxury Hotel

One of the best parts of going on vacation is the feeling of staying at a hotel or short-term rental. It’s a fun experience to be in a place that isn’t your own home! Recreate this by printing out a do not disturb and a room number sign, then attaching them to your bedroom door. Consider changing your bedsheets to make them feel fresh — and adding chocolate on the pillows to give it a real turndown service feel. 

Activities for the Ultimate Staycation

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3. Create an At-Home Spa Experience

After a busy or stressful week, it’s nice to wind down and relax. Creating a spa in your living room gives you the feeling of relaxation, with an added touch of romance as you and your partner take turns giving each other massages and doing face masks. Put on robes, a relaxing playlist and bring out the massage oil for a fun, relaxing and romantic evening. 

4. Play the Get-to-Know-Me Game

One of the best things about a vacation is that it inspires couples to reconnect with each other and have long, meaningful conversations over a bottle of wine or on the beach. Bring these meaningful moments home by playing this get-to-know-me game, where you and your partner take turns pulling a prompt from the jar and answering the question.  

Activities for the Ultimate Staycation

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5. Camp Out in Your Backyard

Adventurous couples who love getting outdoors and camping don’t have to trek to the mountains or forests to experience their favorite activity. Pitch your tent in the backyard, build or buy a fire pit and enjoy a night under the stars just like you would if you were really camping — but, as a bonus, your own bathroom is just 100 feet away. 

6. Meditate 

Too often, life gets in the way of our ability to slow down and remember what makes us happy and fulfilled. Meditation is a practice that challenges us to recenter ourselves and align or thoughts with what really matters. Recreate the feeling of a yoga or wellness retreat by turning down the lights, lighting candles, putting on some music and having a meditation session. Use this worksheet to stay in tune with your thoughts! 

Activities for the Ultimate Staycation

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7. Take a Class Together

Learning new skills together is a great way to connect with someone else. By using our time to improve ourselves together, we create the feeling that we are working together and connected to one another. Pick something you and your partner are both interested in — cooking, art, sports, etc. — and sign up for a class! Splurging a bit on a fun class for yourselves will help you feel like this is a special experience just for the two of you. 

8. Attend a “Movie Premiere” 

If you can’t really attend Hollywood movie premieres or glamorous award shows — bring those events right into your living room! Create a fake red carpet, dress up and watch one of your favorite movies as if you’re attending the premiere. Create a fun, gourmet popcorn bar and pair the sweet treats with champagne or wine. Or keep it kid-friendly with sparkling water and juice. Use this printable popcorn bar sign to give your event an air of authenticity! 

Activities for the Ultimate Staycation

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No matter what activities you land on, a staycation is really about taking time to slow down, relax and appreciate your time with your partner. Focus on romance, fun and togetherness as you take a break from reality and spend a fun weekend with just the two of you. You never know — maybe you’ll start wanting a staycation every weekend!