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How Psychedelics Benefit Yoga & Meditation

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Health and wellness are becoming important factors in modern society. People are probing into alternative medicine to improve their health.

The medical world has realized that health is not merely the lack of physical illness but also encompasses emotional and psychological well-being. This has shifted the attention from a biomedical to a biopsychosocial model of health.

Practices such as yoga are becoming more common as they help the individual connect with the three states of self. These states are physical, spiritual/psychological, and emotional. With this approach, one may achieve complete health and wellness. 

Like psychedelics, yoga enables an individual to take an intimate journey into themselves. It is more like a self-searching spiritual and conscious awareness odyssey. The two have traditionally helped individuals attain a healthier and higher sense of themselves. 

Yoga and psychedelics have a history dating back to 1960. Both emerged in the West during the same period and took people by storm. While they each work through different means, they can achieve the same results in the mind of individuals. 

At the time, Americans used both yoga and psychedelics to attain spiritual experiences and improve mental health. Users reported they were able to see the world and themselves from a different perspective. 

These experiences left scientists in awe, and psychedelics were soon banned because of their widespread abuse. This meant no research could be completed. From the 1990s, however, the investigation began to thrive as the ban on scientific studies ended. 

Psychedelics for Yoga

Scientists are now researching the impact of psychedelics on yoga practice, and the results are amazing. They believe that when combined with meditation, psychedelics can bring out more intense and fulfilling experiences. 

1. Ego Dissolution 

Scientists have been able to identify ego dissolution as a critical effect of psychedelics. This experience changes an individual’s perception of the self to the outer world. Individuals who experience such awakening are able to reframe their life priorities. 

By altering one’s state of consciousness, psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, are able to disrupt the sense of self-consciousness. According to psychological research findings, drug- and meditation-induced ego dissolution, when combined, can have a profound effect on the mind.

Yogis, who also use psychedelics, argue that combining yoga with psychedelic brings out an effect that can further one’s self and spiritual awareness. Some users, however, hold that the two have similar effects, and there is no need to combine them.

Anecdotal evidence supports the view that psychedelics have an enhancing influence on yoga. Yogis, who add psychedelics into their practice, report that the drugs enable them to explore untapped potentials of their body and mind.

Dosing is an important aspect of hallucinogens in yoga. A good dose should be lower than needed for recreational use, but enough to stimulate the senses. A higher dose can be overwhelming, and you may not be able to engage effectively in your practice. 

2. A Calm Mind and Body

The main practices in yoga involve calming the mind and relaxing the body. The yogi normally works the physical self first to relax muscles and increase blood flow. The next stage is meditating to expand the mind.

Certain psychedelics like cannabis help calm the mind, while magic mushrooms can stretch the mind similar to meditation. Yogis claim that both of these drugs help calm the mind and manage stress. When high, they claim, they are able to focus better and synchronize their body and mind to go deeper into meditation.

Both magic mushrooms and cannabis are traditionally considered sacred plants in certain cultures. Spiritual leaders used them to invoke and communicate with spirits. Recent studies are able to examine how these drugs work on the brain. 

Neurological examinations of the altered state of mind from psychedelics reveal that patients are able to go into deeper mediation. Research by Johns Hopkins indicated that the mystical experiences from magic mushrooms lead to success in life. 

3. Openness and Spiritual Connection

Hallucinogens induce a sense of openness in users. Psychologists have described psilocybin, the psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms, as “mind-expanding.” The result is increased complexity, breadth, and depth of mental capacity.

Yogis who use magic mushrooms attest that they are more open to new experiences. In addition, they are actively imaginative and artistically sensitive. 

Research studies show that psychedelics invoke a deeper connection with their surroundings. The self-realization that users experience can help them concentrate and focus on a spiritual connection when they practice yoga. 


Practicing meditation and yoga can positively impact your physical and mental wellbeing. Meditation relieves anxiety and stress and keeps your mind focused. Yoga helps to enhance your flexibility, endurance, and balance. 

Both yoga meditation and psychedelics have the same effect on the mind and body even though they have different approaches. 

Infusing psychedelics with these practices can deliver profound mental and physical health benefits. Further research will help clarify more of the positive information of magic mushrooms. So, make sure to consult with a medical expert before you start using psychedelics. 

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