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How To Make a Long-Distance Military Relationship Work?

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For any relationship to boom, one needs to take care by regularly giving it love and care. Without these two things, no relationship can work in the long run. Of Course, it requires hard work to make this happen.

However, when we talk about military couples, they face more uncertainties in maintaining a healthy relationship. It becomes too difficult to maintain a good repo between couples with so little time to spend together.

However, this article will talk about some fantastic tips and tricks that can do wonders for your relationship. You, too, can make your love life interesting, striking, and always filled with love.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a notepad and start jotting down the vital points that can boost your relationship. Start reading the tips right here!!!!

10 Tips to Strengthen your Relationship 

Did you know that sometimes distance is suitable for a relationship? Yes, as per studies, long-distance is much healthier. But still, that doesn’t mean that one does not have to work hard to make their relationship better. The steps below can make your relations better and stronger.

1. Stay Interested

So you like when someone takes a particular interest in knowing how your day was? And how are you feeling right now?

We all love it when people are interested in our lives. Similarly, no matter how small the incident happened in your day, jot it down, and whenever you talk to your spouse, share it with them. It may seem irrelevant after a few days but still share it. These small moments make a significant impact on your relationship. 

Yes, it is impossible to share everything, so you can eliminate a few unnecessary things due to time constraints. But never underestimate the point of sharing things with your life partner.

2. Communication is the Key 

Apps for Long Distance Couples

I can’t stress enough the importance of communication. Any relationship, whether it’s friendship, family, or your partner. If you fail to communicate, you end up losing things. 

No matter how many lined-up tasks you have, take a few minutes daily and talk to that important person in your life. I concur that military people have a tentative schedule, so the other person has to compromise more.

So please don’t waste your precious time and make sure that you make the most out of it. It’s great to make the other person feel that they are essential among the other pressing matters.

3. Do Frequent Video Calls

Voice calls are good, but video calls are great!!!

Hundreds of unsaid things are just communicated through the eyes. Even if one couldn’t figure out if something is wrong through one’s voice, eyes never lie.

So, try your best to make a facetime instead of voice calls. In a military job profile, things can turn upside down in a moment; there is always a risk of injury. So, seeing the other person can make you less stressed as you know everything is alright.

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4. Send Wishes 

Why Couples Lose Interest in Long-distance Relationship

Wishing good morning and good night to each other can be very romantic. As the other person would be obliged to know that the first and the last thought on your mind was of them.

Moreover, one gets notified that the other person is safe. Yes, obviously, the time zones are different. But still, getting a notification in the middle of the day or late at night can give you the best feeling.

So, make it a habit to notify the other person, and this can be the best way to stay connected. 

5. Communicate through Snaps

Sending a text is great but if you want your spouse to be part of the day, then apart from sending morning tea and evening tea snaps, send them snaps of you doing household chores. 

Well, this makes them a virtual part of your world. You can take the best advantage of technology that can instantly send pictures. Well, this allows them to be a part of your day. And again, the best way to stay connected to each other.

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6. Set a Countdown 

couple birthday

Well, this one is especially my favorite one. You can set a calendar to note when you both meet next. By following these steps, one remains excited about their next meeting, and you can plan your meeting.

You might avoid doing this but trust me, and it gives you a good feeling. Especially when there is only a month left, you are more excited to cross(x) those dates.

7. Exchange Gifts 

Exchanging gifts is a beautiful way of saying that you care for each other. Couples usually exchange gifts to make each other happy, and the feeling increases by 10X in a distant relationship.

I am not talking about sending gifts on special occasions but on regular days as that would make them happier as it would be without expectation.

8. Be Honest About Your Feelings

A significant step among all the steps is staying faithful to your spouse and, more importantly, yourself. Sometimes, these uncommunicated feelings can become a considerable hindrance in your relationship. 

And also, remember that sometimes you think that a few things are not vital to share. But these small important details take a prominent place in your relationship. 

Moreover, it’s also necessary to communicate if you need something in the relationship. And you need not wait for the right time to share these things or share them in person. Also, sometimes you might even need some time alone as your me-time. And, it becomes difficult to explain such matters in a limited time. But do not avoid discussing whatever you are feeling inside. 

Take some time out and do some introspection that would aid you in understanding things better.

9. Stay Positive

There is no denying the fact that long-term relationships are actually hard. A person in a different location, time-zone makes things adverse. It would really be helpful if both of you cultivate a positive attitude. Working in the military isn’t that easy, and the other one has to understand that sometimes unplanned events do occur.

There is no surety to communicate at a specific time. So, staying positive can make your relationship much more satisfying.

10. Be Grateful

Sometimes we tend to think that due to long-distance relationships we are missing out on a lot. For instance, taking those long walks, unplanned meets, and eating ice cream together. But again, you need to be grateful for this distant time that makes your relationship stronger.

Moreover, there is an undeniable fantastic feeling when one meets their date after months or years. So, understand that there are some pros and cons of dating any individual. And be grateful for what you have at the moment and trust me everything will fall into place.

In the End…!!!

Making any relationship work requires one to work hard to build it, and one needs to set specific ground rules that make your relationship healthier and happier. When we talk about military relationships, it is more challenging for people to date.

But again, by doing proper planning and execution, one can make these relationships work out. Only by communicating regularly can one eliminate the negative aspects of it. And thankfully, with today’s technology, people are downloading military dating apps and having successful relationships. 

I have interviewed a few couples whose spouses are in the military, and trust me, by trying out certain tricks and techniques, one can manage their relationship in many ways. So, try these techniques and make your relationship better than before.

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