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Looking For FaceTime Sex? 8 Moves To Make up A Long-Distance Love

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Emotional and physical intimacy is a must in any relationship – marriage and live-in as it helps to make a strong connection among partners. Spending a lot of time together is the best way to get to know your partners’ likes and dislikes. But, in a long-distance relationship where the couples are living far away unwillingly for several reasons, maybe they’re newly married, wanting to make a career or sometimes family issues or considerations, create hindrances in their intimacy or sex life.

With the advent of technology i.e. smartphones and the internet, partners can easily be fulfilling each other’s sexual desires, by staying in long-distance relationships.

In a long-distance relationship, partners find out each other’s desires via late-night phone calls, FaceTime, Skype calls, or chats.

Here are eight moves that help you to maintain a physical and intimate level. Also, make a strong connection or bond even when your partner is living far from you.

1. Use Remote – Controlled Sex Toys:

sex toys

The best part is that modern digital technology has made life easier for couples- especially for long-distance lovers. With the help of remote-controlled sex toys, you can easily make your sexual life interactive as it provides your genitals with the pleasure of sex and you enjoy an interactive experience with your partner via video sex call. 

“Using a sex toy without lube is like riding a horse without a saddle …painful, bumpy and you’re invariably sore the next day. “ – Elle Chase.

2. Video Call For Sex – Thanks to the inventor of a video call. 

It makes it easier for couples especially for those who are living far from each other. After spending a stressful and hectic day, one video call removes all your stress as well as sexual frustration when the couples see each other’s faces. 

face time sex

Through video call, you can spice up your chats by initiating the romantic talks by reiterating about the first meeting or kiss which definitely will turn your video call into a hot sexy call. 

Here, partners can easily share their sexual desires with each other and can also participate in sexual activities like staring at each other nude, kissing via phone call, taking off clothes one-by-one to seduce your partner, and lastly masturbation. These kinds of activities help couples to maintain a healthy, physical relationship in a long-distance relationship. 

“ Video makes this even better because you can see each other and that will make you feel more connected,” Doares says.

3. Send Photos – When you are getting dressed up for any special occasion

Capture some photos of yourself and send them directly to your partner. You can also do it in daily routine life as it is considered the best way to connect with your partner in a long-distance relationship. It also helps to keep transparency among partners which is a key factor in developing trust. Also when you are in a romantic mood, you can send nude photos to the partner as it makes your partner excited and definitely you will get a video call or a simple phone call. This lead to making couples healthier in long term relationship and also reduce stress when they talk with their better- half.

4. Plan Trips in Advance –

Try to meet each other from time to time as it will make your relation manageable and healthy. A long break may often create misunderstanding and to avoid that always try to plan some weekend meeting and have your sex life and normal life back on track with your partner.

5. Give Surprises To Each Other –

It is a great way to cheer up your relation to give surprise to your beloved on every approachable occasion. It may be your sudden visit to him/her or sending favourite merchandise. Also, technology helps us to instantly share e-commerce gift cards, so leverage those too.

6. Share Each and Everything with Each Other –

This is an old-age recipe to manage your relationship in all tough weather. We mean to say that always be transparent and share everything you are going through in your life so that your partner will have an idea about you even if your mood is off, therefore making no misunderstanding among you.

7. Watch Same Adult Movie –

Both of the partners must watch the same adult videos as it is a better way to excite and build intimacy among each other. Later on, partners can discuss the adult videos which moves or positions liked by them and try that moves when couples will meet with each other after a long period of time. If you continue the same thing with a simple phone or video call, surely you enjoyed it a lot.

8. Sexting –

Sexting is a great move to build physical intimacy with your partner, especially when you are living far away from each other. You must try new methods every day to catch the attention of your partner and it also makes your relationship healthier for a longer period of time.

Bathrooms and bedrooms are considered the best places to do fun with your partner when you are together. But, these places also work when you are in a long-distance relationship. At these places, you can take sexy photos of yourself and send them to your partner to maintain the intimacy level. Just think outside the box for effective and improved ways – you can even try the kitchen or some corner of your home – when there is no one at home.

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