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How To Make A Girl Fall For You

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We live in a world where everything is just a click away. Right from asking the most intimate questions or getting laid, everything is available on the internet. So, this leaves us with one question, “When do we make the real human connection?”. You are worried about relationships and looking for how to make a girl fall for you right? Let’s see them.

Though all our queries and desires can be fulfilled online, what really matters is the real human connection. There are many books written on the topic of what women want but not even one for real men. Even in this internet age, we are still relied on our brothers to help us please a woman. We are still deciding whether an expensive handbag or a dinner on the cruise shall do the trick and help take our relationship a notch up with that special someone.

5 Tips To Make A Girl Fall For You

But, gone are the days of impressing someone with money, women are seeking more intimate, deeper and meaningful relationships. These relationships are expected to embrace who they individually are along with expanding their characteristics to a more spiritual level in the presence of their current partner. It’s a game of complimenting each other, be it at sports or in bed. Therefore, today we shall list down a few pointers that can help you reach this level in your intimacy and make a girl fall head over heels for you.

1. Make an effort to know her

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Before you ask her out on a date ensure that you have done your bit of the research. Carefully observe the things she likes as well as dislikes. What are her turn-ons and offs? What kind of places she visits, movies she likes or even the books she reads. These pointers may seem very basic, but they open the window for an interesting conversation and make a girl fall for you.

2. Make her feel wanted in the social circle

It is very important for any human being at the subliminal level to feel wanted and recognised. A woman feels wanted when a man shows her off like arm candy. Take her around in your friend circle and compliment her with your company among her friends as well. Let her girlfriends feel jealous and try to woo you, obviously, a little attention never harmed anyone.

3. Be there for her

It is very important for you to know what your lover is going through. If you can sense it in her voice or even the tone of her text, this will make her heart melt and fall for you. Surprise her at work if she is having a bad day or send her flowers when she is sick or even takes her dog for a walk when she is busy. These will earn you brownie points and some special treatment in bed.

4. Build intimacy

Everything around you can be sexy, it’s a matter of perspective. Make her feel naughty in public. Give her a hand in a dark movie theatre or under the table at the restaurant. Avoid premature ejaculation when she comes out to play. If you have this problem, don’t be ashamed, search for men’s delay spray online and you would be surprised by the number of people who sail in your boat. Whatever be the occasion, ensure to celebrate and satisfy each other’s body in bed.

5. Maintain the rhythm

It is very easy for a relationship to reach a mundane stage soon after its peak. Ensure that the rhythm of happiness is maintained. Plan trips together or even visit a friend’s barbecue to get a free drink but keep doing things together to ensure that the heat and the rhythm of your relationship are maintained. This will make a girl fall for you surely.

With these pointers, even after 35 years of marriage or just 3 months of a relationship, she will fall head over heels for your, every single day.

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