5 Sensual Massage Technique To Try On Your Women

5 Sensual Massage Technique To Try On Your Women

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Sensual Massage is something that everyone loves!

It’s a common fact that everybody like receiving a massage as it relaxes your body and mind, but the added benefits of a sensual massage is totally different. It not only relaxing and calming your nerves, but it also heightens the pleasure factor that turns your woman on, making her feel more relaxed and the more likely she will be able to orgasm… like CRAZY!

Basically, a sensual massage is a type of erotic massage that emphases on the intimate partner’s erogenous zones to provide both stress relief. Also, assist in escalating intimacy feeling between both partners.

In the case of men, a massage may be stress releasing and even sleep-inducing. Conversely, for women, a sensual massage can act as foreplay that triggers them to get hot and high. 

First, set the mood 

Before you get into the sensual massage, it is required that you should create a comfortable ambience to trigger the erotic mood. Keep this in mind while endeavour to massage a woman without setting the right mood first by creating a pleasant atmosphere for her. It will take her much longer to feel completely relaxed and comfortable if the environment isn’t perfect according to the situation.

  • Dim the lights 
  • Make the room smell nice
  • Light a few candles
  • Play some romantic and relaxing music in the background
  • Check the room temperature

Now that you have all the ingredients to set the romantic mood on fire. It’s time to learn the various great sensual massage techniques to try on women to make her feel special and romantic. 

Sensual Massages Techniques to try on Your Woman  

Massaging your partner is sensual and sexy, but only if it is done in a perfect manner! 

Here is the list of some effective sensual massage techniques that will make you seem like a master of the craft and while doing the sensual massage on her, it will going to induce a romantic mood in her. Learn these sensual techniques and let your hands do the magic with naughty talking. 

sensual massage technique

1. Shiatsu technique 

Shiatsu technique is one of the easiest massage technique you can try on your women to turn her on in seconds. Mainly, this massage technique consists of using your thumbs, applying pressure to the body. You press, stretch, knead, or tap while moving your thumbs in a circular motion. Be gentle while using shiatsu massaging technique. Don’t apply too much pressure, as you don’t want to hurt her. You can apply this method of shiatsu massage technique all over her body to make her relax comfortable and more sensual. 

2. Kneading Technique 

This kneading massage technique is similar to the Shiatsu technique, that you typically use this technique for a deeper massage. While applying this technique, use the hand movements on her body as to how the dough is kneaded. You should use your palms for this massage technique and work your way from top to bottom. This technique is perfect for her buttocks and thighs or other fleshy areas of her body part. Stay away from massaging the stomach, especially if her stomach is not that flat, as not everyone is cool with that. She might feel uncomfortable and fat. 

3. Compression Technique 

You can use this technique to mix in with the Shiatsu technique. This is usually done right before going into a deeper massage such as a Shiatsu. The compression technique does exactly what it says. You have to apply pressure to her body by pressing your palms flat onto the particular area, rubbing it in a circular motion. This compression technique is really good to apply on the lower and upper back part of her body. 

4. Stroking technique 

In the stroking technique, you should apply long gentle movements with your hands along various different portions of her body. While giving this massage, keep your fingers together along with thumbs parallel and palms in full contact with the body part that you are massaging. This is extremely pleasing on all areas of the body that will make her toes curl with pleasure.

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5. Friction Technique  

Friction is an advanced technique that is perfect for applying on her hands and feet. There is rarely the use of oils in the friction technique that is why helps you to build up so much friction between your hand and her body.

Basically, it is a focused stroke that is used in some small area with a certain amount of pressure with stability. Honestly, it is better leaving this massage technique for professional massagers. But if you are trying it – try to be gentle.

Here’s a wrap with concluding remarks!

Sensual massages are tremendous techniques to build intimacy that keep novelty in a couple’s sex life. Remember that to keep communicating with each other while giving massage and share the experience with one another throughout the whole massage process.

Well, sensual massages are a very personal and intimate experience for both the partner. So try to discover which techniques and combinations work best for both the sex partner.