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7 Ways To Get Over A Guy Who Left You

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Nobody likes to get hurt, especially from their dear ones. Still, guys deliberately hurt the sentiments of their lady-love. And, sometimes, moving on from the sense of why they just leave us is heart-breaking. But you can get over it, and you will.

So, if your guy has left you and you have become miserable, then probably these tips about how to get over a guy make you love yourself all over again. Trust me; you’ve landed at the right place. It’s time to leave the past and embrace the coming future. Can I get an Amen?

How to get over a guy who left you?

I know it is harsh to believe, but the alarm has rung to take control of your life in your hands. No time to look back and to think – why did he do that? Why am I not good enough, and so on? Basically, time is giving you a chance to get up on your feet and move forward.

So, take advantage.

I’m not saying the changes will happen overnight, but you should get ready to see a new you. And the very first thing which you have to do is to stop worrying about the guy. He’ll be fine, so don’t worry. Eventually, karma will smile back at him. So, let’s get over him, okay?

Congratulations! You have taken the first step. Big applause to you; let’s move forward. Shall we?

1. Don’t let the overthinking killing you:

Well, what happened, has happened. You can’t go back in the past to change things, so let it go. Don’t be a victim of your thoughts. You met a guy, and he left you.

Maybe you have something special which he has been looking for a long time. You should feel proud that you helped someone in growing up. Also, it doesn’t mean you will never find a new guy who loves you. You will.

2. Being too kind is not bad:

After breaking up, it’s reasonable to assume you’re too generous. But, before you turn jaded, kindness isn’t a weakness, girl. It’s good you are a kind, lovable and caring person. The world needs more of it. So, continue being kind.

3. Feel proud. You have what they wanted:

Believe it, boyfriends are like a kangaroo, till the time they don’t get all the things which they want in a partner they keep hopping. So, you should feel proud that you helped a guy who’s lacking in knowledge, motivation & intelligence. You have invested your time, love, and patience in nurturing a kid. You have it all; you should be proud of yourself.

4. Make some distance:

Wake up! If that guy still wants to be in touch with you, and with knowing he will use you again. You cannot, under any circumstance, continue to see him. Delete his number, flush his memories, and cut all sorts of contact with him. Heal and move on. You will not be friends with this guy now; it’s done. He left you. Even if you like him, he doesn’t respect you. So, time to distance yourself from him.

5. Time to get with friends:

You detach yourself from him for your goodwill. And it’s time to attach yourself with friends and family for your happiness. All you need is some emotional support and love. Go shopping, hang out at the beach, get some coffee, and everything will be fine. Spend most of your time with friends and family. You will feel good.

6. Learn what have you experienced:

In the end, you have learned something about relationships. Whether or not that guy left you, there was something between the two of you. Try to look at the relationship in a different light; maybe you found a glimpse of happy moments of yours. Every relationship taught you something. So, think, what did this relationship teach you? It may not have been a great ending, but you learned something new.

7. Go into the next relationship mindful:

This is not the end. Down the road, a new relationship is waiting for you with open arms. But, this time, be slow and easy. Use what you have learned from your relationship and apply it to a new relationship. Be mindful when entering a relationship. How are you feeling? How does he make you feel? Do you see any red flags?

Key Points:

Understanding what’s important to keep the relationship going is essential. Don’t act stupid and stop being a kid in a relationship. If you’re not ready or feeling uncomfortable in a relationship, let it go. 

Don’t exaggerate things, and don’t make someone use you. Take your time, be calm, and always remember the lessons of a past relationship.

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