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How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Periods? 6 Tips To Help You!

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Talking about periods may not be so easy for everyone. For many, there is a fear and embarrassment associated with saying the word out loud, let alone discussing it in detail. But, if you are dating or married, telling your partner about your periods will be beneficial for both – you and your partner. There are several reasons for this. 

Firstly, your entire menstrual cycle affects your body and mind differently at the four different phases that include menstruation, the follicular phase, ovulation, and the luteal phase. If your partner is not a menstruator, chances are they do not know much about the menstrual cycle and its effects. Thus, they cannot empathize with you. No judgments. They are not aware because it does not concern them, and no one explained it. But it would be wrong to assume they do not care about it. 

Being in a sexually active relationship, talking about periods again becomes crucial. Your sex drive changes throughout the menstrual cycle, so informing your partner about it can help avoid any unwanted misunderstandings and fights. Both of you can enjoy healthy and happy sex life. It also becomes an inevitable topic to discuss if you are in the process of planning a baby together.  

Lastly, think from your partner’s perspective. They obviously cannot guess how you feel on your period apart from the most common symptoms such as cramps and mood swings. Ask them if they want to help you on your period, and they will nod affirmatively. But ask them if they know how to do it, and they would go blank. It is no one’s fault here – it is just a communication gap. 

And to fill that gap, we are here to help! 

6 tips to tell your partner about periods

Using these tips, you can explain to your partner about your period. It will not only help them understand you better but also enhance your relationship. 

1. Make sure you understand the menstrual cycle. 

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To explain your menstrual cycle to your partner, you have to be aware of it first. There are two aspects to cover – a scientific explanation of the menstrual cycle and the effects it has on you. Once you understand how the menstrual cycle works and the reasons behind your PMS symptoms, you move a step closer to understanding your body better and accepting the changes that occur every month. You can track your PMS symptoms and periods in a journal or with the help of a period tracker app so that it does not catch you off guard.

2. Approach the subject with your partner around your period.

The best time to talk about periods without making it awkward is when you are on your periods. That way, you can approach the subject naturally instead of bringing it up out of the blue at any other time. 

3. Explain to them about your menstrual cycle and how you feel around your period. 

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Chances are you are irritable, snapping at them, getting emotional, and your partner is confused, irritated, or even angry about all the ‘drama’ that you are putting up.

Even though you are not doing it on purpose, your partner may not understand that unless they are told about it. If you are experiencing mood swings, tell them about it and explain how hormones play this havoc every month.

Don’t shy away from telling them about any other symptoms you experience, whether it is painful cramps, back pain, or headaches. Once they know what you go through every single month, they will be more understanding around that time and even offer to help. Who doesn’t want a nice back rub or a pack of favorite chocolates from their special one during a painful period? Knowing that your partner understands you and is there for you during your low times is an intimate feeling that will improve your relationship with them.

4. Tell them about your preferences and how they can help you during your period.

You have probably noticed a pattern in your mood and behavior around your periods, so discuss it with your partner. Tell them how they should behave if you’re in a bad mood or having an emotional breakdown or painful cramps.

When they learn about your preferences, it will be easier for both – you and them! If you experience unbearable pain during the first and second days of your period, tell them what you prefer during that time – a nice massage, your favorite chocolates, a heating pad, or just some cuddles. Who knows, they may also take you by surprise by cooking your favorite meal for you! 

5. Talk about period sex.

If you are in a sexually active relationship with your partner, you cannot evade the topic of period sex. It is a completely safe, healthy, and intimate practice. But, you both need to know each other’s preferences and opinions regarding it and try it only if you both consent to it. 

6. Encourage them to ask any questions they may have. 

Lastly, have an open talk with them and let them know you are ready to answer any questions they may have. If you are not embarrassed about the subject, it will give them confidence too. Nothing is better than seeing your partner wanting to know about a concept alien to them just to ensure you are comfortable. 


Talking about periods to your partner may seem difficult at first, but its benefits are rewarding. Knowing that someone is there to understand you and care for you when you are feeling low is a beautiful feeling. The trust improves, care and love blooms, which ultimately enhances the bond! 

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