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10 Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Festivals

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Worried about gaining weight during the festive season? We have got you covered.

Every year, there are multiple traditions & cultures involved during the festive season. A huge part of these traditions includes delicious meals. While some are excited about celebrating the festivals without any worries, others start to get concerned about the weight gain that might haunt them.

Indeed, it is of utmost importance for you to take some extra care of your body during special occasions to avoid weight gain. Studies suggest that these weight gains can lead to health-related complications. However, there are ways you can keep your body at a check during this festive season. What you need is a plan that includes certain dos and don’ts. 

Therefore, here we have made the perfect list for you to follow in order to avoid unwanted weight gain. These tips will help you to enjoy the festivals without any concerns! 

Ten ways you can avoid the extra pounds during the festive season

1. Look out for the signs of hunger and fullness:

gaining weight during the Festive Season

Remember it is not important for you to feel ‘stuffed .’Always try to enjoy your meals during the holidays. Every meal with the right portions will leave you satisfied. Try to pace yourself and chew every bite to taste your meal. You can survey the food table and decide on your meal before you eat. This way you can eat the right foods with some vegetables or fruit salad. 

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2. Practice some mindfulness to avoid stress:

A great way to stay your day is with some stress management. Invest your time in some meditation, a hot bath, or catch up with your friends and family over a call. Some people tend to choose food as a way to relieve themselves from stress. Some mindful meditation can reduce the cortisol level in your body. This hormone is known to control your appetite. You can easily step away from such unhealthy habits by managing your stress levels.

3. Do some healthy snacking:

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Don’t be afraid of saying no to the tempting options around you. Remind yourself that there will be a lot of food options available even after the festive season is over. Some small healthy meals like Greek yogurt or a green salad with chicken are perfect while you’re waiting for the big meal. 

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4. Don’t forget about the liquid calories:

Remember that beverages count. An easy way to avoid gaining weight includes staying away from soda, juice, alcohol, and beverages with added sugar. If you plan on drinking, mix your alcohol with spirits that have no added sugar, like diet tonic water or seltzer. Also, remember that alcohol can make you want to binge even more, so stick to a few glasses of drinks. 

5. Do not skip meals in order to ‘save up’ calories:

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Some people try to skip meals before the holidays so they can make room for the weight that comes with the Festive season. This strategy will not always work and can lead to overeating. Instead of skipping meals, maintain a time-restricted eating routine or follow an eight-hour window for your meals. You can also have light meals for your breakfast or lunch, and make sure you include a lot of vegetables, proteins, and carbs. 

6. Choose dishes filled with fiber:

During your meals, try to include plant-based foods which will keep your energy level high. Foods like vegetables, whole grains, nuts, pulses, and seeds are full of fibers. You can also replace some meat options with some healthy lentil-based dishes.

Research states that replacing meat with lentil-based dishes can reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Pulses are a part of the highest-fiber food group. 

7. Stay active to burn some calories:

home workout

The more you stay active, the better it is for your body. Exercising for 10 mins can do a lot more to your body than you think. Rather than lounging around after a full meal, ask your family to join you for a walk or get off a stop early and walk on your way home. Some other ways to stay active would be to do the activity you enjoy, such as skiing, biking, cycling, swimming, cardio, etc. Having a gym membership and a personal trainer would be a great idea.

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8. Check your sugar intake:

Being fit includes a balance between diet and weight. Cutting out on the desserts completely during your favorite holiday season is simply unrealistic. The goal is to eat small portions of dessert. 

9. Get 8-hours of proper sleep:

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Sleep plays a very important role in maintaining your body weight. It influences the health of both your mind and body. During the festive season, some people tend to stay up late and party all night. Once you’re home, try to sleep as early as possible. A good six to eight hours of sleep will help your body function properly and also reduce stress and anxiety. 

10. Stay focused on your long-term goals:

Always remind yourself why you are trying to maintain your weight. Whether it is for simple reasons like being fit or for medical reasons like surgery or joint pain, make sure to write down your reasons. It can be challenging to control your urges; you’re likely to eat more than you had planned to. But don’t stress too much over it.

Losing weight can take time. With the right amount of focus, you can easily avoid weight gain and reach your body goals. If you find yourself struggling to lose weight, reach out to a registered dietitian for some guidance. And lastly, don’t forget to have fun in the process! 

These tips will help you enjoy the festive season without being concerned about your food intake. Along with these points, don’t forget to work out and follow a proper sleeping schedule to keep your body and mind active. 

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