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3 eCommerce Platforms to Build Your Online Store

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eCommerce is continuing to become extremely important in the business sector. Since many establishments were closed at the start of the pandemic, some have migrated to the internet.

Forbes report shows that 36% of consumers are buying goods online, and 21% are ordering food from online platforms. And these numbers are expected to increase as the pandemic isn’t quite over yet.

Some have been using this time to start their own small businesses. If you want to be able to do this for yourself, our previous article, ’10 Steps to Start Your Side Hustle’, will be a great guide to helping you. Before kickstarting your venture, however, it is important to consider what you want your business to be, how to manage and handle your business, and what market you want to tap.

If you already have a business in mind, the next step is finding a platform where you can sell your product. With so many eCommerce websites right now, here are some that you can use to bring your business to life:


Etsy is an eCommerce platform that has been around since 2005. According to Yahoo!, Etsy currently has over 4.3 million active sellers in over 200 countries. It is most known as the platform where niche products and original, handcrafted work are sold. It’s easy to set up, and there are no fees for doing so, so it’s beginner-friendly. All you have to do is go onto their website, create your shop, and set your preferences. You can then list whatever item you will be selling.

The main problem with this platform is that there are other fees you have to consider. To list an item, it will cost you $0.20. Aside from that, they also have a 5% charge on shipping and gift-wrapping fees on top of the 5% charge on your item price. If you want more business tools, you’d have to subscribe to Etsy Plus for $10 a month. As a small business, these fees can accumulate. That being said, it is one of the more basic platforms you can use for your venture.


Shopify is a subscription-based site where you have a 14-day trial period to build your online store. It comes in the form of an eCommerce website. This means you get to have your own page to showcase your products. Once you set your domain, list all your products, and set your preferences, you can start selling.

AskMoney discusses how sellers can benefit from Shopify’s many plans. The platform has built-in data collection and analytics tools to help shop owners know their audience. Additionally, they also offer business growth services like product manufacturing, making them like a one-stop eCommerce shop for businesses. Their subscription tiers range from $29 to $299, so they accommodate businesses of different sizes. Having to buy in may seem like a negative aspect, but it can be outweighed by the number of benefits there are to using this particular platform.


Last on this list is a big name in eCommerce: BigCommerce. The platform is similar to Shopify in that it lets entrepreneurs create their own online storefronts. The main difference is that BigCommerce focuses on sales features. There are over 95,000 shops using the BigCommerce system to sell their products online to date. The platform is highly customizable to your needs and also has a comprehensive marketing tool that allows for audience integration.

Although, it must be said that BigCommerce can be overwhelming to eCommerce beginners. While there are lots of marketing and sales features, it takes practice and experience to use them correctly. If you are just starting out, building your store may be time-consuming from the amount of trial and error you will be performing. Certain plans also only allow a set number of sales. If you exceed the set number, then you will have to pay for the upgrade. But if you are looking for a platform that has the most comprehensive services, you might want to try BigCommerce.

Ecommerce can be difficult and complicated, especially if you choose the wrong platform to sell on. These are some of the most accessible ones on the market right now to help you grow your small business.

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