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10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Diary

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If you kept a journal as a child, it was probably full of secrets and thoughts you didn’t want anyone to see. Maybe you have color-coded gel pens to express your mood or aesthetic, or maybe you’ve scribbled the name of someone you love in the corner. But, it may also seem silly to pick up this habit today, especially when you’re an adult and don’t know what to write in your diary. You may not be writing about the gossip you hear during your lunch break, but you’re never too old to write your thoughts in a journal.

Why should you keep writing down your thoughts in a diary?

Because it can help you relax and ease any anxiety you may have, journaling also helps you remember all the details of your day that you never want to forget. It all depends on the purpose you wish your diary to have. There are so many things you would want to write in your journal, like your favorite quotes, your dreams, and your travel destinations, so the first step is to decide what you want to keep. It can also be a super secret diary filled with tea that needs to be spilled. For this, you need to know what to write in your journal.

To get started, head to a cozy cafe or sit on the couch, grab a pen (preferably a gel one), and jot down one of these 10 things you can write in your journal.

1. Your travel goals

Keeping a list of your travel goals in a journal will motivate you to achieve them. Since you’re adding new places regularly, it will remind you that it’s time to act. If you are fully vaccinated, you should have your ideal vacation destination stamped on your passport as soon as possible.

2. Your secret crush

Hey, who said you couldn’t write about your crush as an adult? It’s worth looking back, especially if you end up with this person in the future. (Oh, and it’s perfectly fine to draw a pink heart around their name as you did before.)

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3. Your future plans

Your dreams don’t have to be just between you and your pillow. Writing them down brings you one step closer to having a plan to get where you want to be. Putting them together is the first part.

4. Things you are grateful for.

Gratitude can help you stay humble and even improve your brain health. Gratitude works through neuroplasticity by creating new neural pathways that reduce stress and fear by increasing focus through the prefrontal cortex and activating an ’emotional thermostat’ called the amygdala.

By increasing activity levels in these key parts of the brain, gratitude can help improve heart health, get along better with your significant other, and improve overall health.

5. Rant about a bad day.

Bad days happen to the best of us. Instead of letting them make the rest of your life worse and ruin it, write it down and leave it alone. It’s much better to vent your frustration on a page than on someone else.

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6. Your favorite quote

Inspirational quotes have the power to overcome many situations. Keeping track of what really speaks to you gives you a good source of vibes to peek at when you need it most. In addition, you never know when someone other than you might use inspiration.

7. Your mom’s best recipe

Your mom’s recipes are top secret because they are delicious. Maybe you’ll share them one day. But for now, hide them in your diary.

8. Your bucket list

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately, try writing a list of small achievable things you’d like to do in the next few weeks to get out of your comfort zone. Is there a restaurant nearby that you would like to try? Go out to lunch alone. Do you always pass by vintage stores but don’t have time to browse the shelves? Spend a day taking care of yourself while shopping without haste.

Writing down these fun little wish list items will motivate you to work on them so you can then use your journal to write about the experience.

9. A letter to self

Take the time to write a letter to your future self and describe how you feel in the present moment. You can also discuss the goals you are trying to achieve. Not only is this a great way to mark where you are now, but it can also be an excellent resource for seeing how far you’ve come in the future.

10. First and last thoughts of the day

Start your day by meditating in the morning and writing down everything you feel. You can keep your journal by your bed so you can monitor it before you start browsing Instagram or TikTok. Then, use the same journal to write down everything you feel at the end of the day and before you go to bed. This allows you to decompress and let go of your thoughts, so you can easily fall asleep.

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