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Don’t Be The Girl He Strings Along. How To Know If He’s Really Into You or Just Stringing You Along

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One of the greatest dilemmas in relationships is deciding to stay or leave. If you’re repeatedly feeling the need to ask, “Is he stringing me along?” to yourself, then you definitely need to estimate your partner’s earnestness in the relationship.

Does he actively try to sustain the relationship, or is he just stringing it along? Find all your answers below, including what to do if your man is stringing you along. 

How To Know When A Guy Is Stringing You Along?

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Determining the gravity of your partner’s feelings can be puzzling at first. The emergence of second thoughts at the beginning of your relationship should not instantly prompt you into asking, “Is my partner stringing me along?” Allow the initial days to unfold at their own pace but ensure that you’re making the efforts needed for a relationship to thrive in that time. 

You can leave the rest to be unraveled by the intervention of time. Zan, a personal development coach and creator of Magnet of Success, wrote: “You can tell a guy is really into you when his long-term behavior and actions match his words (promises, praises, and expectations). 

Anyone can tell you what you want to hear, but a person who genuinely likes you and sees himself committing to you will show you who he is and how he feels. He’ll do it consistently to gain your trust and stop you from doubting him.”

If that consistency starts missing from your relationship or if it never existed, then there is a high chance he is stringing you along. 

What To Do When He’s Stringing Along?

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While it can be hard to accept that you’re being strung along, you must take immediate action to end this toxicity. Here are three things you can do once you find out your man is deceiving you. 

Don’t Put The Blame On Yourself

Girlies, just because you were a part of an unfortunate relationship doesn’t mean you were at fault for its failure. While society would gladly blame the woman for a relationship’s misfiring, a man’s dishonesty is never the woman’s fault. 

It’s okay to feel miserable after being emotionally attached to someone, only to find out he’s stringing you along. But never for once should you hold yourself accountable for a man so immature he let a precious woman walk out of his life.

Break All Contact

Staying in a relationship knowing about your partner’s misgivings is mere foolishness. Do you want to know why? Because there are several guys out there who’d be elated to be with you. You have to give them a chance. Be sure to read the guides on how to get a guy to like you!

As for the douchebag who was stringing along, break all contact with him. I don’t just mean stop talking to him but also delete your pictures and any other memoranda of him from your life. Sounds challenging? Then answer this. Why would you want to hang on to someone who didn’t value your genuine?

Move on

Moving on doesn’t necessarily mean hopping into a new relationship. It would help if you only did that when you feel you’re emotionally ready to open up to another person all over again. Instead, I meant to move on with life. 

Don’t indulge in the pain because the longer you mourn over something that was a blessing in disguise, the more mentally disturbed you will be. Go shopping, meet with friends, watch a movie or do anything that makes you feel light-hearted and happy again. 

Signs He’s Stringing You Along


“I think he strings me along.” The minute you start feeling that, look for the other more apparent signs of stringing along (mentioned below) so you don’t have to spend a second more with that prick.

Lack Of Effort

If you continue to feel like you’re the only one making an effort to talk, plan dates, get to know each other, and other signs that your man is unwilling to put effort into the relationship, he isn’t interested. It is vital to spot these signs of disinterest early and act on them. Otherwise, you can become emotionally and mentally exhausted from being the only person pushing the relationship forward. 

You’re Not A Part of His Life

If your partner refuses to spend time with you but would willingly hangs out with his friends every other day, he’s stringing you along. If you’re repeatedly excluded from some major events of his life or if he declines your desire to meet his parents, then he’s definitely not serious about the relationship.

You Feel Like He’s Only Interested In Sex

Some relationships are based on sex without any emotional connection, depending on your preference. However, if that’s not the case, but your partner still meets up only to have sex, or that’s the only thing he suggests when you decide to meet up, it’s evident that he’s not interested in anything else. There is a major red flag that points directly towards being strung along.

Find Out Why Guys String You Along and Put a Stop to It


Although there is no excuse for your partner stringing you along, some of the major reasons guys string along include:

He Sees You As A Rebound

Sometimes guys get into relationships only to get over the grief of a previous relationship. In such circumstances, they’re not romantically interested in you but are using you as a “Fallback girl” after being dumped or cheated on.

He Knows You’ll Settle For Less

When a guy realizes he can get all the benefits of dating by putting in the least effort, they’ll take that chance to string you along. If you’re happy with whatever rags and tidbits he’s offering you, then he’ll continue to do so. 

How To Put An End To It?

First, you need to accept that he’s stringing you along. Stop putting up with clear signs of being treated casually. You deserve much more than that, and breaking this toxic pattern starts with admitting that he’s not worth your efforts. 

Have a conversation with him to get a clearer insight into his intentions. Is he ready to take a tough stance for the sake of the relationship, or does he show no choices for improvement? In the end, give yourself an ultimatum. At the slightest hint of his old ways resurfacing, remind yourself that it’s time to end this relationship.


It’s the worst feeling to be taken for granted by someone you imagine a future. But allowing those actions to persist will only hurt you further. I hope you consider this information and take the necessary action that works for your welfare.

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