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4 Benefits of Mother and Daughter Exercise

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The mother-daughter relationship is a special one; you can easily go from the best of friends to arch enemies in the blink of an eye.

A mother-daughter relationship grows with time and becomes emotional with age. But, here are a few activities that mother-daughter can do to keep their relationship joyous.

One of them is keeping themselves fit and healthy. Embarking on an exercise journey can be tough, but below are a few reasons why exercising together can help to build a strong unbreakable mother and daughter team.

Benefit #1: Accountability

With exercise, we all have times where our motivation dips. You might convince yourself that it’s only one class you’re missing, but that can soon turn to a stop in exercise completely. Exercising with people certainly helps with accountability, and what better person to do this with than your own family members. The tough love in many mother-daughter relationships is perfect for pushing each other forward. It could be attending that early morning meditation class you’ve been dreading all week or just a short run, but having someone alongside you makes it much more enjoyable and beneficial.

Benefit #2: Quality time together

We live in a GO GO GO world, I personally only see my mum on a monthly or even bi-monthly basis, but even then one of our favourite things to do together is a dance fitness class. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn from each other in these situations. I am always inspired by how to fit my mum is when she works out by my side and hope to be as agile as her in my mid-50s (she will probably kill me for sharing her age). I am also sure she is probably inspired by my own drive to stay fit and healthy. Being inspired by someone creates newfound respect, which increases likability.

Benefit #3: Builds trust

Mother and daughter relationships can often become strained at times, leading to distrust and missed opportunities. It can be hard to see eye to eye sometimes, but exercising together is perfect in rebuilding the bond between the two of you.

A great example of this is meditative yoga or pilates, as the main focus is on relaxation and understanding yourself. The calming atmosphere promotes positive interactions and aids a physical, emotional, and spiritual connection that is often established through yoga. Yoga also improves your overall health, relieves stress, and anxiety, which in turn promotes a healthy happy mindset.

Benefit #4: The best support

We are more likely to stick at something if we feel supported in what we are doing. Knowing you have your mum or daughter by your side when exercising can be vital in encouraging you to keep going.

You will see each other at your worst and at your best, but usually in a situation where you are both struggling, or thriving opportunities arise in which you can cheer each other on.

Have you ever worked out with your mum? How did you find it?

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