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Everything You Need to Know About Garbha Sanskar and its Benefits

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Every parent dreams of nurturing a healthy, capable, and bright child in the world. While a child’s schooling begins after 2.5-3 years of its birth, it starts learning from the moment it gains consciousness in its mother’s womb.

The mother is the first and best teacher of the child. Studies have proved that an unborn child responds to its mother’s voice with heart-rate acceleration. There are many reports of Garbha Sanskar in Indian Mythology as well, where characters like Abhimanyu, Prahlad, and Ashtavakra were enlightened in their mother’s womb.

A mother’s emotional state can have a huge impact on a baby before and after its birth. Garbha Sanskar is the process of “educating the mind of an unborn baby.” This process not only helps in the easy delivery of a healthy baby but also helps them in being virtuous and achieving milestones like walking, speaking earlier than others.

What are the benefits of Garbha Sanskar?

Garbha Sanskar helps in the proper physical, mental, and behavioral development of an unborn baby. According to NumroVani, the process is not only effective for the baby but also provides the mother with the much-needed mental, emotional and physical support during her pregnancy.

Here are the benefits of Garbha Sanskar for pregnant women –

1. Helpful in steady brain growth of the baby

Garbha Sanskar

Almost 60% of a child’s brain is developed in the womb. Due to this reason, Garbha Sanskar includes music and sound therapy as a means to enhance this brain development.

Using calming sounds of the veena, flute, and other string instruments, the process is designed to calm the pregnant woman and her child. It also includes peaceful shlokas, mantras, and spiritual notes from the Vedas to intensify this process.

2. Helps the mother in passing positivity and good morals to the child

The art of positivity and gratefulness is a prominent part of Garbha Sanskar. A stress-free mother with positive emotions focuses on her healthy eating habits, avoids toxic thinking patterns, and takes good care of herself and the baby breathing in her womb.

With happiness and joy as her friends, she is able to pass good values and contentment to her unborn child.

3. Effective in making the mother experience an easy delivery free of complications

Garbha Sanskar

Pregnant women who practice Garbha Sanskar are also advised to make light exercise and yoga a part of their daily life. These special yoga postures help in blood circulation and reduce backache.

Following the rules of Garbha Sanskar, exercises along with specially attributed diets keep the would-be mother healthy and prepare her for easy delivery.

4. Strengthens the bond between the mother and the child –

The relationship between a mother and her child is eternal. Garbha Sanskar strengthens this bond by special techniques and methods which make motherhood more joyful and fulfilling.

The baby feels calmer in its mother’s presence, easily adapts to less painful breastfeeding, and enjoys better sleeping habits.

When to start Garbha Sanskar?

Ideally, the process of Garbha Sanskar should be started a year before conception. This ensures that the best care is taken during the pre-pregnancy and pregnancy phases. The process continues until the child turns 2.

However, it’s better late than never. Parents could enter the process in any phase of their pregnancy. 

The Importance of Music Therapy in Garbha Sanskar

The fetus starts responding to external stimuli during the 3rd trimester. Here comes the therapeutic process of Garbha Sanskar – The Music Therapy.

A mother’s heartbeat is the nearest sound for a baby nurturing in the womb. It gives the baby a feeling of alikeness and composure. This is why mothers hold their babies close to their chest to calm them down.

The rhythm of special calming Garbha Sanskar music has the same effects on a baby. While the baby is in the womb, this music helps both the child and the mother to rest and relax. After birth, the same music can be used to calm down a crying baby and make them serene, poised, and gentle as a grown person.


Bringing a new life into this world is a huge responsibility. Garbha Sanskar is a beautiful process that teaches parents the best ways to take care of their progeny as well as themselves. Make use of this ancient gift and transform your and your child’s life today.

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Sidhharrth S Kumaar, the Founder of NumroVani, is a registered pharmacist turned into an Astro Numerologist. He started learning occult sciences at the age of six, after reading and researching on occult sciences and its application to the contemporary world for around one and half decades and has been practicing this for around eight years. He helps individuals and businesses in solving real-life problems using the hidden gems of occult sciences, with primary emphasis on preventive approaches and personalized holistic wellness programs for individuals, based on their date of birth and name.

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