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How to Decorate Your First Baby’s bedroom

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Usually, it’s best to start on the baby’s bedroom at least 3 months before the baby is born. When you’re in your third trimester, fatigue is very common. It’s best only to do the last-minute touch-ups then. 

So what do you do first? What are the things that aren’t recommended? And how do you know what’s necessary and what will serve as a waste of space only? I’ve listened to these important points below to help you out on this beautiful journey. 

• Picking the colour 

The first thing to do is picking out the paint colour for the bedroom. 

The stereotypical pink or blue is becoming outdated, but it never hurts if you’re still leaning in that direction. What matters is that the colour shouldn’t be overpowering or too dark. Lighter colours help give off a positive vibe, and it also makes the room look bigger. Colours that people usually use for a girl’s room are soft shades of pink, orange, peach, and lilac. For boy rooms, light blues, yellows, green and purple. Go be-tweens range from egg to plain white. 

• The furniture

The main and most important furniture items are as follows: 

1) The cot: 

How to Decorate Your First Baby’s bedroom

Most cots these days come with many gadgets and accessories; however, the most important ones are a comfortable mattress, a safe and breathable baby blanket, and a mosquito net. A pillow isn’t necessary for a new-born. If you’d like, a few stuffed animals could be placed on the sides just to entertain baby. Some parents prefer to have a single bed already ready. This is perfect too, just remember to get the side bars to keep baby safe during those first few months when he/she starts to turn and roll around. 

2) A change table: 

These usually come with an array of drawers on the side. So you won’t need anymore for the storage of diapers and the like. 

3) A small side table: 

How to Decorate Your First Baby’s bedroom

This will help to keep things you need on hand. Whether it is the bottle or the dummy, keeping things nearby and for quick access. 

4) A rocking chair: 

This isn’t a must, although it does come in handy when you need to rock baby off to sleep. It’s perfect for helping both you and baby to rest and bond. 

5) A play pen: 

This will help keep baby entertained and distracted while you get to do some of the things that you need to do. 

• Stimulating items

These are some things you must-have in baby’s room. It can range from colourful stickers on the wall, night lights that change colour, small teddies set around baby’s cot or a baby mobile (string holding the objects shouldn’t be too long.) 

Things to never have in baby’s room

For babies, anything and almost everything can be dangerous, so you will always have to have only the safest objects around. 

• Never hang objects or have shelves over baby’s cot or bed. The thing could fall over and injure the baby. 

• Never have cords, ropes, or long string lying around. 

• Don’t have toys that can be broken into small pieces. Babies love putting things on the mouth; anything that could serve as a choking hazard should be kept away. 

• Things like bum cream and the like should be kept away from babies’ reach. 

• Only give age-appropriate baby toys. Never disobey this rule. 

Children do things that often put them in danger. It is always important to keep an eye on the baby, regardless of how safe the room is. 

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