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Black Girl Magic Meet Shereen Campbell of My Little Magic Shop

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In 2013, Cashawn Thompson is credited with creating the Black Girl Magic (#blackgirlmagic) movement to celebrate the beauty, power, and resilience of Black women, and since then, the magic has been unstoppable.

Among those magic makers (both figuratively & literally) is Shereen Campbell of My Little Magic Shop. 

Shereen is a former corporate retail executive as well as an Astrologer, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Record Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Crystal Healer, and Timeline Meditation Healer.

Taking her love for alternative healing modalities and combining it with her experience in retail, she created My Little Magic Shop to make finding and creating self-care rituals based on ancient practices easier.

Her goal is to share practical, self-empowerment techniques and tools so that others can make their own magic in life and manifest their dreams. 

Why Did You Start My Little Magic Shop? 

I started My Little Magic Shop because I realized it did not have to be so hard to find information on ways you can get to know yourself better and rise into your power. There are so many mystical techniques and tools that help to expand consciousness that often cut the time and cost of thousands of hours of therapy. I’ve done 20-minute meditations or shamanic sessions that have provided breakthroughs that I could never get to with therapy. Crystals, candles, and so many other metaphysical tools have survived thousands of years for a reason. They work. Learning how to use them and maximize their influence shouldn’t require rocket science knowledge. I want to make it simple and easy for folks to get to the heart of their blocks so they can spend more time in their magic.

How Did Your Friends & Family Act When You Started Practicing? 

My friends and family always thought I was a free thinker and that I marched to the beat of my own drum, so they were super supportive. They never judged me or made me feel weird about any of it. They eventually just started coming to me for advice, though, and now that all of these things I had been working with when they were ‘strange’ are suddenly cool, it’s so funny to hear my friends really getting into it. Before, it was like, “Shereen has great advice, and she’s into some really deep stuff” now it’s like, “next time you go to a Shamanic Ceremony can I come?”

What Is My Little Magic Shop?

We are an astrology-driven, wellness lifestyle brand equipping magical thinkers with the education, tools, support, and community to manifest their dreams and make their own magic. We have a monthly subscription service as well as sell crystals, candles, incense, and other mystical products. Also, we are successfully and diligently building a community of magic makers through virtual workshops and meditation circles. We will be rolling out a learning portal this quarter, and after some testing, we will be launching an app. The goal is to couple education, guidance, and tools into a personalized magical journey of self-discovery, healing, and enlightenment. 

What Can One Expect To Gain From My Little Magic Shop? 

We seek to guide others to finding their own inner guru. My Little Magic Shop not only offers a subscription box service but digital and virtual events as well. Additionally, we are focused on the physical product piece but also tie in astrology, meditation, and other esoteric practices providing an education component as well.

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