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Dr. Kalpana Sundar- Helping Women Navigate Medicine with Clarity

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The next Rule Breaker in our series is Dr. Kalpana Sundar. 

Dr. Kalpana Sundar is a motivational speaker who focuses on guiding women in medicine toward fulfilling careers and personal lives. She helps women navigate the medical field with clarity to work towards their version of success. Dr. Sundar’s workshops and breakout sessions inspire women to regain career fulfillment.

Read on to know more about her story.

1. Why did you choose to do what you do? 

As an ENT physician who practiced medicine for almost 20 years, I really enjoyed spending time with the patients to help them live their healthiest life.  As my career progressed, I spent more time on the computer than I was spending with patients and I longed to impact people’s lives in a much deeper way. That was when I decided to use professional speaking skills and life coaching to help women in medicine. I believe when women are fulfilled in their professional life, they feel more joy in their personal life as well.

2. What keeps you motivated during the phase of self-doubt? 

We all have self-doubt that crosses our minds. Whenever I experience self-doubt, I remind myself of all the things that I am grateful for. Self-doubt dissipates quickly when I go through my gratitude list.

3. Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently when you first started out? 

I would have treated my career in medicine as a marathon rather than a sprint. I was overworking and constantly neglecting my own personal needs. When I took time off, my mind was still stuck at work, so I could never fully shut down and relax. If I were to give my younger self advice, it would be ‘take things slowly and be more present in the moment”

4. What advice would you give to people who are trying to grow their audience? 

Be your authentic self. Whenever I have posted or written things that weren’t as authentically me, I never got much engagement because there was a part of me that was afraid to show to everyone else. I’ve realized that the more comfortable I am wit putting the real me out there, the more people engage with my posts and everything else I do. 

5. What does your typical day look like? 

I do clinical work a couple of days a week and speak and coach the rest of the time.  I spend quite a bit of time networking as well.

6. What is your favorite mantra or affirmation that you say to yourself to keep you going?

My favorite one is “I am always going to be okay.” Whenever I face challenges professionally or personally I tell myself this. 

With age, I have realized that as you grow older, you become resilient. And I have noticed that whatever challenges have come across my path, I have always been okay. Hence, the mantra. 

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