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Top 5 Most Romantic Flowers That are Emblem of Love

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A flower is one of the best things on this earth that is gifted by nature. These blooms have an elegant beauty & sweet scent that can add a glorious factor everywhere.

Flowers also have their language, which is soft, subtle, & pleasant, and they can convey the message beautifully where words fail. There are a plethora of flowers available in different shapes & shades.

Each flower has different romantic connotations, representing love, trust, purity, innocence, gratitude, wisdom, etc. All these feelings or emotions are passionate in their way.

So you can pamper your near and dear ones with these beauties. Profess your love with romantic flowers that add beauty and happiness to your lives. They are also a symbol of love & care.

If you want to mesmerize your loved ones with gorgeous flowers, then send red roses bouquet to their doorstep. It brings a broad smile to the receiver’s face. If you are confused about what flowers you give your dear ones, this article may help you. 

Some of the stunning romantic flowers that are the emblem of love:



Roses are the most romantic flower, a genuine emblem of love. When you talk about love or romantic occasions, the first thing that comes to mind is a bouquet of red roses. These beautiful flowers come in many colors that convey different feelings & emotions. Red roses represent true love, whereas other hues like pink, orange, white, etc., give loving feelings of admiration & desire. These roses are also perfect for saying the three magical words I Love You to someone special. You can send flowers to your loved one’s house using the online rose delivery of various flower portals.

Gerbera Daisies


Gerbera daisies are another romantic flower in the fifth rank of the most popular flower worldwide. It is another I Love You flower that helps you to begin your love story. These flowers represent cheerfulness & innocence. A beautiful bouquet of red daisies symbolizes the love & desire in the relationship. So, if you want to confess the love of your life, send them a gorgeous bouquet of gerbera daisies. You can make this gift more charming with customized gifts. The person who receives these gifts from your side feels unique and adored.     



Say I Love You to the love of your life with these romantic carnations flowers. These beauties are cuter & less expensive than other varieties. They symbolize love, fascination, & admiration, and the perfect gift for the first date or other romantic occasions. If you want to propose to someone special in your life, grab a bouquet of red carnations flowers from various flower portals’ online bouquet delivery services. These flowers are also perfect for giving as a gift to your partner on the first marriage anniversary as these flowers are also known as the first wedding anniversary flowers.



Tulips are elegant romantic flowers to win your special one’s heart. These beauties are available in a rainbow of colors and have a significant association with love. Also, the red tulips represent the perfect love, and giving a bouquet of red tulips with roses to someone unique means you are declaring your true love for them. A bouquet of tulip flowers will be an ideal love gift for your lovers.

Blue Iris

blue iris

The Blue Iris is also one of the romantic flowers to emblem your love. It conveys deep sentiments and is perfect for giving your special ones a gift. People believe that it has magical powers, just like the power to attract a new lover. These beauties also speak about the charm of romance. So, a stunning bouquet of the blue iris is the perfect flower arrangement to convey your dear ones’ most profound emotions.

Above listed flowers are the stunning flowers to the emblem of love. You can opt for the one out of these and delight them.  

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