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8 Mother’s Day Brunch Menu Ideas

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s the best time to make all of the mothers in the world (especially your own!) feel special and appreciated. Let them take a day off from their mundane tasks and spend some time relaxing and bonding with their loved ones.   

Apart from spas, hair treatments, and having a day out, one of the best things you can offer to your mother this coming Mother’s Day is serving her a fantastic brunch she can enjoy with the entire family, if possible. You might also want to snatch flower deals for mother’s day to make this day truly memorable for a special person in your life. 

Listed below are some brunch menu ideas perfect for the occasion:  

1. Cinnamon Rolls 

brunch family

Cinnamon rolls are a must-have on any brunch menu as they provide the right amount of flavor without overpowering your taste buds. If you’re planning to prepare a French-inspired brunch on Mother’s Day, having cinnamon rolls should top your list.   

There are plenty of ways you can prepare cinnamon rolls. You can choose to use cream cheese, nuts, and raisins. For a special touch, adding walnuts would surely help amp up the experience.  

For a boozy twist to the classic cinnamon rolls, spread a generous amount of butterscotch icing spiked with bourbon. 

2. Crepes 

If you want to maximize customization and have power over the final taste of your meals, having crepes for lunch would be a perfect idea. Creating crepes is simple and easy to make at home. You can use your basic pancake recipe, just add more water until it’s runny enough and can cover the entire pan easily. 

There are plenty of toppings and sauces that you can mix and match with crepes. Ideally, you should have a variety of fruits and berries such as mangoes, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. You can even add peanut butter, jam, or chocolate spread to your crepe. For a fancy finish, add whipped cream to make it a certified crowd favorite.  

3. Chicken And Waffle Sandwich 

Chicken And Waffle Sandwich 

Chicken and waffle sandwiches are another ultimate brunch menu item. With this dish, you get enough protein and carbohydrates while making the experience delightful and delicious.  

Waffle squares will serve as your bun and buttermilk fried chicken for your meat. Drizzle a special honey sauce to make it sweet and add a sunny-side-up egg in between for a complete brunch experience.  

4. Poached Egg 

Eggs are an absolute must for brunch, providing a soft fluffy feeling to your meal. Furthermore, it could serve as a taste neutralizer, allowing you to take a break from the varied flavors the brunch menu offers.  

Poached eggs are delicately cooked in simmering water and packed with nutrients without additional calories from fat. You can place it on top of your French toast, lightly season it with salt and pepper, and it should provide an excellent start for your brunch.  

5. Egg In A Basket 

Eggs in a basket on the brunch table would surely be a hit for both mother and her grown-up children. This simple egg dish consists of an egg fried in a hole in the center of a piece of bread. Brushed with butter, seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and cooked on a griddle, eggs in a basket are nothing but pure pleasure. 

To match the occasion, you can change the shape of the hole from a circle to a heart. This will show your love for your mother. Use a cookie cutter to cut a neat hole on the bread. Feel free to try other shapes as well. 

6. Hash Brown Nests 

Hash browns are good enough as is, but you can glam them up by creating a nest out of hash browns and stuffing it with all the right flavors. Start by filling the muffin pan with shredded hash browns, pressing them down on the bottom and the sides. Pre-bake the nests for the shape to set, add an egg, grated cheese, and bacon bits to each nest, and put them back in the oven. Bake until golden crisp and serve with chilled avocado slices.

Tarts of irresistible goodness don’t even begin to describe hash brown nests. They’re simply heavenly. 

7. Glazed Coffee Cake 

Glazed Coffee Cake

Brunch is the perfect excuse to load up on coffee. Aside from sipping coffee from a cup, you can have additional caffeine from a yummy cake. A slice of glazed coffee cake will provide a bittersweet note without drifting away from the brunch experience.  

You can glaze your coffee cake with runny cream cheese with cherries or berries on top for added flavor. This moist cake would work well as a brunch item or dessert for a sweet finish.  

8. Mimosa 

Of course, a Mother’s Day brunch would not be complete without a great drink to pair with your delicious meal. A mimosa cocktail would be just perfect for the occasion. Pour the drink in elegant champagne flutes for a sophisticated touch to your brunch. 

Basically, a mimosa is composed of chilled orange juice and sparkling wine like champagne. But you can play around with the proportion of juice and wine to find the right blend suited to your mom’s tastebuds.  

The Verdict 

Mother’s Day is a special occasion requiring thoughtful and usually elaborate preparation. You can make this day more memorable and heartwarming for your mom by surprising her with flowers and carefully selected delectable delights for brunch.

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