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5 Steps in Starting an Online Casino Business

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The online casino boom has got a lot of people’s attention, and as legalization is embraced in more parts of the world, this is an industry that’s only going to grow going forward.

This makes it an attractive proposition for entrepreneurs to consider because where there’s rapid growth, there’s room for smaller brands to enter the market and compete with the larger incumbents.

So what will you need to do to get an online casino business off the ground? 

Let’s go over the main steps to take and challenges you’ll have to overcome on the road to success in this sector.

Put together a plan

No new enterprise can hope to flourish without a business plan, and so this is one of the first things to do if you decide that running an online casino is right for you.

There are some standard business plan formats to follow, although of course if you’re already familiar with how to construct this document, you can go your own route.

The purpose of a business plan is to lay the framework which will form the basis for the organization you build. It not only covers things like how the company will be structured, but also any market research carried out to show that you know who your competitors are, and also have an understanding of your target audience as well.

Without a business plan, it will be difficult to court investors or secure a loan to fund your project. As such, it’s not a step you can afford to skip, or rush.

Consider the software requirements

The core of every good online casino business is cutting-edge, secure software. This is typically supplied by third-party developers, meaning you can license games from the likes of NetEnt, IGT, and Microgaming without needing to make everything in-house from scratch.

Because of the way the market is structured, the same games will appear across multiple sites. You’ll need to differentiate yourself from competitors with clever marketing, which we’ll discuss in more detail later.

Security is also relevant here, as mentioned. Modern web users are aware of the risks involved in using online services, including casino sites, so they need to be reassured that any up-and-coming platform they play on is trustworthy and secure.

This is where getting featured on a site like NewCasinos, where players are safe, is advantageous. Having the backing of an independent review site like this will let prospective users know that you are above board and that your software is resilient and reliable enough for them to harness without any hiccups.

Make a website


Although the game software itself can be developed and even hosted by a third party, you’ll have to take the reins when it comes to creating a website for your online casino company.

It is possible to use a basic template or even a site builder service to achieve this. However, this may leave your site looking generic, and also lacking the functionality that is specifically advantageous when it comes to running an online casino.

Making a bespoke website, unless you are an expert designer and developer yourself, is another aspect to outsource to specialists. It will also encompass a sizable slice of your budget, with the costs of launching a site encompassing everything from layout design and search engine optimization to copywriting, hosting, domain name procurement and so on.

Basically, it’s a good idea to recognize the value of spending enough to make a solid website, otherwise users might be put off by a subpar experience which you have made compromises to get up and running.

Secure the necessary licenses

The online casino industry is a heavily regulated sector, and so unless you’ve got the right paperwork and paid for the correct licenses in your region, you won’t be able to get your foot in the door without risking regulatory retaliation.

Indeed you might find that you are unable to apply for a license in certain regions, because of how gambling laws are designed. In US states, for example, only land-based casino brands are able to launch online gambling sites.

The alternative is to register your business in an overseas location where you can get a license for a web-based casino service affordably and comparatively easily. This will put you in a bit of a gray area with regards to courting customers in other regions, but it is still worth looking into, depending on your aims.

Of course the other way to avoid worrying about licensing is to make your online casino business based around some other aspect of the industry, other than simply hosting games and paying out prizes. For example, you could set up a news site that focuses on gambling, or a reviews platform which aims to inform players about which casinos to use, and in turn earn a commission from affiliate links.

Market & launch your business

Hosting a Casino-Themed Party

Promoting your online casino business is another ongoing aspect of running the organization successfully. If you’re going to host gambling games, you’ll have to encourage players to sign up with juicy bonuses to win their loyalty, for example.

You’ll also want to make a splash on social media, or at least establish a presence on popular platforms so that when players go looking for you on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, they aren’t left scratching their heads.

If in doubt, see what marketing tactics are working out for established online casino companies, and see if you can do something similar. Gaining inspiration from competitors is entirely legitimate as an option in all sorts of industries, after all!

Final thoughts

Because of the issues around licensing and regulations, starting an online casino business is one of the trickier entrepreneurial endeavors to pursue.

In spite of this, it is also a potentially lucrative and viable business opportunity that has positive long-term prospects. So if you’ve got the patience, the dedication, and the right expertise, why not give it a go?

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