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10 Body Language Signs that HE Is Interested In You

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Many of my clients have been struggling with dating and mixed signals that come with dating, especially messages, e.g., reading into text messages, the length of text messages, or the time interval between text messages. Therefore, to make dating easier, read into body language.

According to research, body language is about 50-80% of the communication on a date. When we find the person attractive, whether it is the person you are dating or even a co-worker, we send specific messages through our body language.

However, this is usually unconscious among both sexes, and we typically do not read these symbols unless we know what to look for. Be aware of these 10 signs the next time you go on a date:

1) Big smile

The person is smiling with her whole face so that you can see almost every smiling wrinkle, especially the crow’s feet wrinkles. This is an excellent sign that the person you are with finds you attractive.

2) Eye contact

If you have excellent eye contact with the guy you have a date with, this is a positive sign. Meaning he is getting lost in you. Perhaps if you have to go to the restroom, chances are the guy is still gazing at you as you leave to the bathroom.

3) The body scanner

Yes, we women know exactly what this is, and sometimes we tend to think of this as a bad sign like “hey, face up here.” However, men do this unconsciously by rolling their eyes at you from head to toe. It is just because they find you attractive, so let’s give them some slack. It is an excellent sign.

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4) Uncrossed arms

Uncrossed arms are usually a good sign that the person is open to getting to know you on a more romantic level

5) Relaxed legs

If the guy is sitting with a bit of space between his legs, it is considered a positive sign that he is attracted to you.

6) Fixing himself

When a guy is interested, he starts to either fix his hair or clothing while having a conversation. Maybe he runs his fingers through his hair or starts to fix his shirt. This is a positive sign that the guy wants to look good for you.

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7) Feet

This is a very interesting and more subtle sign that a guy is interested in you. Perhaps this is more relevant when you are at a gathering, and there are more people around. You can always look down at the feet and see where they are facing. If they are facing you, it is a positive sign that he likes you.

8) Same walking speed

Walks have been very popular nowadays. If you are walking together and you are walking side by side, it means that the man has either slowed down or speeded up to synchronize with your walking tempo because he is interested in you. He is also likely to pay close attention to you and will attempt to make eye contact. If he, e.g., would walk a little bit ahead of you and look away, likely, he is not that interested in you.

9) Dilated pupils

This is very interesting and has been researched. The pupils not only respond to light, but they can also respond to strong emotions as well as fear, sadness, and attraction. If you notice this with your date, it is because he finds you attractive.

10) Initiate touch

This is perhaps a more obvious sign if a guy likes you, it is going to be hard for him not to touch you. However, I am talking about a light touch on the shoulder or your thigh, where he is testing a bit your response to it.

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Kristin Thorisdottir
Kristin Thorisdottir is a psychologist & health coach. Working mostly with depression, anxiety & stress through online therapy, worldwide.

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