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Are Men Turned Off By Feminists?

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Many of you might advocate that this question is pointless or even infuriating. After all, men like strong and independent women who can take care of themselves, and feminists are the epitome of these qualities. But men on the internet have something completely opposite to say. 

Do you all remember the case of a Bengaluru woman, Hitesha Chandranee, who attacked the Zomato delivery guy, namely Kamaraj, because he got late while delivering her order? 

It was an unfortunate event that got dragged to the court. While the investigation was going on, many people used the incident to bash feminists. They accused Hitesha of using the ‘woman card,’ dragging the entire gender in this series of indictments. 

This was not the first time anti-feminists have used an unfortunate incident to criticize the movement. The same happened during the hearing of the Jolly murders

So why is it that when something bad happens involving a woman, the whole world comes out to get us?

This is because the internet is full of men who hate feminists. And here is what we think the reason is;

Misconception revolving around the subject.

Feminism as a phenomenon came into light many years ago. Still, when we talk about this idea, there is a concept in people’s minds that feminism means women are better. So what we need to do first is address the correct definition of this term.

Feminism is advocating women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Whereas spreading the notion that women are better than men is misandry. 

In other words, feminism is Women = Men, while thinking that Women > Men is misandry.

Now the question is, who is spreading the wrong definition? Well, unfortunately, it’s us, women 🙁 

I know a lot of women who don’t understand the basic idea of feminism. And they don’t even bother looking it up on Google to see the core idea of the movement. 

Every woman on the planet is an ambassador of this crusade. When we go out there, meeting new people with a completely different understanding of the term in our minds and acting on it, we imply that feminists are woke women who hate men. 

Now that we know what the problem is, the smart thing to do is to focus on the solution.

What can be done to put an end to the misunderstanding?

The problem here isn’t men being turned off by feminists; it’s the misrepresentation of the term that is driving away men. 

When people don’t understand what feminism is, they might, unfortunately, assume it has something to do with man-hating and playing the victim card as a woman when caught in difficult situations. Until misinformation continues, people who are unacquainted with the subject will keep believing that feminism stands for misandry. 

The best way to curb it is through educating the mass population. If someone is against the concept of feminism, instead of shaming them or yelling at them, politely educate them on the subject and clarify their doubts.

Bashing out on them will only make their disbelief stronger.  

Change starts from the home. You can begin by enlightening your family members and close friends about what the movement represents. 

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