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5 Healthy & Sexy Date Night Ideas

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Having a date night can be quite exciting. However, when talking about date nights, what people usually think of is a romantic dinner with your partner, including some beautifully looking scented candles that spice things up. Another thing people come up with is going to a cinema, or maybe watching a movie at home with a lot of popcorn. This is not bad at all, but it is definitely not the most creative idea of how to spend time with your partner during your date. Find out about some healthy and sexy ideas that you may enjoy trying out yourself later.

1. Explore your own town together and share adventures

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You can live in a town or city for a long time and still do not know all of it very well. The bigger the city is, the more likely are the chances you are not familiar with everything the place offers. Also, you can know most of the places, but still, it is more thrilling to explore all the same things again with your partner. Wherever you come from, there are sure many great things to do and places to go to. Take up some activities that are more adventurous, instead of just visiting restaurants and coffee places. If there is a place you haven’t been to before, maybe it is time you visited it with your partner. Everything is different when you are a pair.

2. Go for massages or have a spa day at home

You can either go for a massage and get pampered by professionals. Else you can make your own version of a spa at home. Be sure to have all you need. It does not have to be anything expensive. You can buy some cucumbers and take a bath together, after which you will chill in towels with slices of cucumber on your eyes. Drink homemade fruit-flavoured water. Enjoy the smell of crèmes and soaps and maybe add some scented candles. Also, relaxing music is a good idea.

3. Take sensual dance lessons with your partner

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Dancing is not just fun, and it can also be sexy, not to mention extremely beneficial for our bodies. What is even better is dancing with the person you love? You can try Bachata, a very sensual and intimate dance. Kizomba is also considered to be incredibly sexy and alluring. When you see professionals do it, it just makes you want to get that close to your significant other and dance like no one is watching you. Express yourself that way, and let your partner do the same.

4. Organize a healthy picnic and take a nice long walk

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Fill your basket with your favourite fruits and grab your partner to take them for a nice long walk somewhere in nature, where green scenery is predominant. Breathe that fresh air enjoying the scent of trees and grass as you eat delicious apples, oranges, cherries, strawberries… Maybe with just a bit of cream, because it is less healthy that way. Make some photos of you two together surrounded by beautiful and calming nature.

5. Include your friends and party together

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If you live in New York, you are lucky to have a chance to try some of the most delicious food ever. The incredible catering in NYC is a proof for that. Instead of enjoying a delicious meal for two, invite some friends over and have a party. Provide healthy food that looks and tastes yummy. People usually turn to fast food, but there are many more choices available now. Choose something that includes more veggies and fruits.

Also, make tasty cocktails and serve satisfying, healthy snacks for you and your friends while you are playing charades or other party games. Invite another couple you like spending time with, or why not more of them? It can be fun just like on movies or TV shows. What you can also do is, for example, share love stories with your friends or anecdotes, something that will make everyone laugh. You can even compete in who tells the funniest stories. After all, laughing is exceptionally healthy as well.

Here’s a wrap!

There are so many things you can do for a date night, so it does not have to be just a regular romantic dinner or going to the cinema. Spice things up and enjoy unexplored parts of your town, dance sensually and intimately, party with friends, have a spa day at home, or enjoy wonderful nature as you have a picnic in it. Whatever you do, be sure that both of you enjoy it the same and that both of you are having quite a remarkable time.

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Peter Minkoff
Peter Minkoff a dating and health editor at HighStyleLife magazine.

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