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Feeling Tired? Stay Calm And Drink Tea

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The Tradition Of Drinking Tea

Tea is a common beverage around the world. The tradition and elegance of holding a teacup close to the lips and getting a picture done in medieval British paintings tell us from how long people have been drinking tea.

It ages centuries back when tea was used to treat certain medical conditions. Five thousand years ago, the emperor of ancient China loved the scented brewing of some leaves in hot water. He decided to drink it, and humans have not stopped ever since. 

Teas Keep You Calm

People often drink tea to keep themselves fresh. The first thing in the morning is a nice, hot cup of tea that awakens the human system and prepares us to start with our day. In fact, a large number of people can’t function unless they have had a cup of tea.

However, with more research surfacing for the ease of humans, it was found out, that certain teas can do wonders. The caffeinated teas do hype the human brain, but other teas bring peace to the brain and aids in keeping us calm. Multiple types of tea help in keeping us calm. These include teas such as chamomile, lemon, peppermint, valerian root, lavender, green tea, and a lot more. 

Here we will help you choose the best tea for yourself before going to bed and after waking up so that you stay calm and fresh all day long. 

Best Teas You Can Choose From Before Going To Bed

a) Chamomile Tea:

Have you got chamomile flowers in your garden? Just grab some flowers and throw them in some hot boiling water. 

Chamomile has excellent calming effects. It helps reduce your anxiety and stress while you feel extremely fresh. Chamomile tea has been proven to work on the GABA receptors in the brain. In other words, it has inhibitory effects on brain functions and reduces hyper-functionality. 

These are one of nature’s natural ingredients that has the same effect on the brain as those sleeping pills. The good part is, it is not addictive, like sleeping pills, and it is completely natural. 

Sip on a cup of chamomile tea at least thirty minutes before going to bed. This will allow the calming effects of the tea to take over you and put you at peace. 

b) Lemon Tea:

What is better than a tea that does not have adverse side effects like that of prescription medicine?

Lemon tea is a great way to put your body to some rest. Lemon always makes you feel invigorated and refreshed. Several researchers concluded that it significantly helps to reduce your anxiety if you take lemon tea during the day or before going to bed. 

You can make this your new bedtime routine, and soon you will notice a change in your mental health and sleep cycle. It is much better than taking sleeping pills that alter our brain chemicals. 

c) Green Tea:

A commonly used tea that facilitates weight loss and makes you healthier. With green tea, you can get the maximum benefit. It will help you reduce your weight and alleviate sleep at night. It also aids in maintaining your blood pressure at an optimal level. 

All of this contributes to a wonderful you where you feel more at peace and comfortable with yourself. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals in our body that impose many dangers on us. 

On the other hand, another element in green tea, known as L-theanine, keeps your nerves calm. It helps you relax better, and your brain reduces its functioning to stay calm. 

Best Teas You Can Choose From After Waking Up

a) Oolong Tea:

Black tea or coffee contains the highest amounts of caffeine. Unfortunately, it is being largely consumed by a significant population. Oolong tea is an amazing alternative to black tea. Even though it does have some amount of caffeine in it, oolong tea has just the right amount of caffeine to make you feel awake and get started with your day.

It is flavourful, and it is a great choice if you are concerned about getting anxious due to caffeine. 

b) Matcha Green Tea Powder:

An excellent substitute for caffeinated teas, with incredible health benefits. It is a perfect choice of tea to start your day with. It boosts your energy and helps you become active and alert without becoming anxious. 

You can also consume this tea as your workout beverage as it is packed with high amounts of antioxidants that help fight inflammation. It helps in the elimination of free radicals and helps us recover our lost energy. 

c) Ginger Tea:

Do you suffer from morning sickness?

Ginger tea is known to provide relief to an aching stomach. If you are pregnant and you suffer from morning sickness, this may be the right option for you. You can have it any time of the day. It does not have any tea leaves. It is made from ginger plant roots, and it is one of the safest remedies to cure morning sickness and to keep awake. 

It is very low in caffeine, which makes it pretty safe for consumption even during pregnancy, and it will not have any side effects no matter how many times of the day you consume it. 

Final Thoughts 

Start and end your day with the tea that has limited caffeine and keeps you fresh and calm at the same time. You will soon note amazing changes in your body!

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