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These Are The Foods You Should Avoid During Periods

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Did you know that a bowl of ice cream could inflame period cramps? 

Healthy eating during periods is a must, but chances can be you become irritated and frustrated when work takes over you. Forgetting healthful meals often leads to abdominal tension. But let me tell you that following a healthy diet during the monthly cycle could help menstrual miseries. 

Fear of feeding the fire might be the driving force behind my abnegation, but as per my dietician, irregular periods could be a sign that I am not eating enough. According to the study conducted by the international journal of eating disorders, the production of ovarian hormones and irregular eating symptoms share an association during periods in women. 

Excessive progesterone production could result in overconsumption of food, and estrogen hormone, on the other hand, could lose your appetite, which happened in my case.

Alokozay’s ginger lemon tea has become my antidote for the past few months; I customized the tea by adding mint leaves and a spoonful of honey. Though I am a coffee lover, I stand up for tea during my menses.

Here are the foods that you should avoid while you are menstruating:

1. Dairy products

Milk, yogurt, ice cream are all examples of dairy products that contain omega-6 fatty acid, which can boost inflammation and infuriate abdominal pain. Instead, you could have vegan products of soya like soya milk, soy yogurt.

2. Caffeine intake

I honestly miss a hot cup of coffee during my menses, but thinking of its aftereffect on my uterine muscles scares that thought off my mind. Caffeine causes vasoconstriction that is narrowing uterine blood vessels, which can deteriorate menstrual cramps—standing up for reducing the intake of coffee to once a day could prevent the same.

3. Red meat

Red meat is high in iron content and is good for the body. However, it is also high in prostaglandins. This hormone triggers uterine muscle contractions and will result in severe abdominal pain.

4. Sodium rich foods

Sodium is a vital nutrient for our body, but in an adequate amount, only overconsumption of the same can result in high blood pressure. According to the insider, Dr. Salas Whalen said salt foods should be averted during periods as they contribute towards bloating and water retention. Salty foods like chips, pickles are high in sodium.

5. Alcohol

According to the Times of India, drinking alcohol can cause dehydration, which advances discomfort and cramps during menstruation. Instead, keep yourself hydrated, drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Foods that you should eat during periods

1. Oysters

Plates of seafood are normally rich in omega 3 fatty acids, especially in some fishes like salmon, oysters, and sardine. They have the potential to minimize the secretion of hormones that cause inflammation in the uterine muscles.

2. Ginger

Have you tried the lemon-ginger no-bake oatmeal bar? If not, check out healthy seasonal recipes. Most of us like the flavors of ginger combined with tea. I love that combination and devour it during my menses.

3. Broccoli

Broccoli is a warrior when it comes to battling against menstrual cramps; it is rich in fiber and iron. Leafy green veggies like Kale and broccoli are known for this ability. Do you enjoy a hot bowl of creamy broccoli soup for lunch? If yes, then try out the same during your periods, and you will be surprised by its magical healing power!

Period delays

According to health shots, eating foods that are natural coolants like ice apple, muskmelon, cucumber might delay your periods. This had proven right in my case; since I had a bowl of watermelons throughout the entire summer break, my periods got delayed by a week last time.


Every month, during menstruation, following a nutritious diet would reduce period cramps and tiredness. Especially including foods rich in iron and vitamins could furnish your body with energy to heal the abdominal pain and headaches. Stay healthy, stay strong throughout your life, not just during periods.

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