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How To Create A Perfect Meditation Room

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These days, more and more are practicing YOGA than ever before.

As a meditation and yoga teacher, I am so happy to see this surge from people of all ages trying to learn how to meditate and reconnect to their essence. I also see many individuals making this more complicated than it is. 

Learning how to meditate and create a daily routine that includes meditation can be challenging, so my first tip is to start slowly, baby steps. 

Set up your alarm and meditate 3 minutes a day for 40 days. The most important thing is consistency. Also, many people ask: should I have a meditation room? Of course, having a designated space for meditation is great, but you do not need a meditation room to meditate.  

Transforming your bedroom (or any space) into a meditation space.  

You can have a meditation room, but that won’t be the main reason you will meditate or develop a habit of meditating. It took me over 4 years after I had established my Sadhana practice (Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means daily spiritual practice, like yoga and meditation, for example).

My meditation room is really a multi-purpose space that also serves as my office and filming studio. Your meditation room should be as special as your bedroom. Your bedroom is the temple of your body, and your body is the temple of your soul. It is important that before we start adding more items to your bedroom that you understand that your bedroom embodies your energy, and keeping it neat and clean is just as important. 

What to buy?

If you were to buy only one item, it should be a zafu (round meditation pillow). However, feeling comfortable while meditating is important, so I recommend a zabuton (a Japanese cushion placed under a zafu) and a yoga mat if you want to practice yoga before meditating to prepare your mind. Placement and positioning are another way to harmoniously help the energy flow (check out a Feng Shui Bangua map) but don’t worry if your space does not accommodate the requirements. 

Adding crystals to your room will raise the vibration and help you to concentrate during meditation.

For example, pink quartz can promote healing vibrations to the heart chakra, while amethyst helps to expand the higher chakras (third eye and crown chakras). Another simple idea is to choose light colors linens made of natural fabric. Bringing natural elements (like cotton fabrics) into your meditation space will enhance your meditation experience.

Balancing Earth, Water, Fire, and Air elements

Balancing the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire, and Air) in your meditation space will raise the frequency of your room, so make sure to open the window every day for fresh air and to allow sunlight or natural light to enter the room daily as well. 

Plants bring the earth element to your setting but make sure they are healthy and vibrant. A small fountain will balance the water element in your room and will also balance your emotions. 

Sound can be used to refine the vibration of your space, and playing a mantra 24/7 for 40 consecutive days will set the energy of your room (the Long Ek Ong Kar mantra is always a good choice). Everything is energy, and raising the vibration of your space will improve your meditation experience but don’t forget to do a regular energy cleansing. 

Cleansing your space

To clear out dense energies that may accumulate in your area, you can also burn dry sage while holding the intention to clear your space, or you may prefer using a diffuser with a high-quality essential oil of your choice. A salt lamp is also great to absorb lower vibration energy, but if you don’t have one, a simple hack is to place one grain of pure coarse sea salt in each corner of the room. With all the information above, you are all set, but you may be asking – should I have an altar in my meditation space? 

Should you have an altar? 

You can certainly create one; I personally don’t. Many meditators have an altar, and I think it is beautiful to have one. I have young kids and a puppy in my house, which would make it unlikely my altar stays in one piece. If you plan to have one, here is my suggestion: create an altar with natural items like crystals, plants, and a picture of yourself. Yes, your portrait. Meditation is a dive within oneself, during which time you will get to know yourself; you will, with time, befriend your soul and slowly find out who you truly are. The peace and calm we all seek out by practicing meditation will come when we become more compassionate with ourselves when we truly get to know our own soul. Your portrait will inspire you to get to know your soul on a deeper level. 

Going deeper within

As you go through this process of creating a meditation space, you will also be within and make sure to be kind to yourself in this process. You have already taken the first step by deciding to incorporate meditation into your daily routine. 

As this idea evolves, you will slowly create time in your day, space in your room, and gradually you will see that the light you search for is within. I hope the ideas I shared in this article help you in this journey. 

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Daniela mattos
Hi! I am Daniela Mattos, a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Instructor certified by KRI, Metta & Mindfulness teacher by Yoga Alliance. Before finding out my purpose I got a degree in Biotechnology from Rochester Institute of Technology and worked in Wall Street for 12 years. Today, I am grateful to be able to do what fulfills my heart: teaching Kundalini Yoga and meditation, writing and spending time with my family and our new puppy.

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