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3 Ways to Boost Your Career From Bed

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Getting up in the morning can be a challenge for even the most energetic and career-driven of us. Fortunately, in the age of technology, there are a number of ways for you to get a jumpstart on your career from the comfort of your bed. 

Today we’ll be sharing three valuable ways you can enhance your career while still lying in bed. Using these tips, you can lay in bed a little longer while starting your day off with some exciting news. 

1. Learn About New Opportunities

The first method we can recommend to boost your career from bed is to learn to start each new day by first exploring new opportunities. These opportunities can range from perusing LinkedIn for new job postings to searching for resources to help with general contractor training

Learning is a critical element of boosting your career, whether you’re a recent grad looking to enter the job market or a working professional seeking a career change. 

Best of all, starting your day with an active search for new opportunities means you can be productive without getting out of bed at all! It’s a valuable way to get some early morning enthusiasm (which can have tremendous effects on the rest of your day). You may feel energetically excited about the rest of the day. Best of all? You can do this with just your phone! 

2. Sign Up For Career Events

Whether it’s taking a chance on a cooking class or volunteering at a local clinic, there are plenty of opportunities for you to change your schedule. In the age of smartphones and emails, you can sign up for these chances to transform your daily routine without ever leaving home! 

Signing up for career events and training will allow you to broaden your horizon without ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom or personal office! These can range from Zoom talks by industry leaders to live streams that include training and volunteer work. 

3. Check Your Email

A critical and underrated way for you to boost your career without ever leaving the comfort of your bed is quite simple: check your email. 

Your email is one of the handiest ways for you to be available to potential employers and employees alike. Starting your day off by checking your email will allow you to begin the day in a sustainable, easily repeatable way (which could help set up a sleep routine). 

Your email is one avenue you can use to expand your network of contacts, whether it’s a potential client, someone you’re hoping to work for, or a former colleague with an exciting new opportunity. 

You can also sign up to receive notifications by email on most job search forums, meaning you can have all the new opportunities delivered right to your inbox.


Laying around in bed doesn’t have to mean wasting your most productive morning hours. If you find ways to mesh your routine with your interest in boosting your career, you can do it from the comfort of where you sleep. 

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