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16 People Share The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To Them When They Were Home Alone

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Scary, as it sounds!!

1. Anyone home?

Back in 2020, during the second week of the lockdown, I was left home alone since my parents had to travel to my sister for a medical emergency. I was staying in my parent’s room to watch Netflix. While I was watching, I heard the door from our backyard open, so I wondered why my parents were back home so early since they were expected to return from the trip three weeks after. I continued watching as I was waiting for them to enter the room, but as time passed, I did not hear anything from them, even some footsteps. I checked on them, but no one was home but me. There were muddy footprints all over the place, and the door was open. I got scared because someone else might be inside the house who might be a robber. However, as I looked around, there was nobody there. I locked the door, went to my room right away, and did not come out till the sun rose. We did not have our CCTVs yet, but I bought one to install after that just in case the same thing happens again. I still don’t know who entered the house. – Jenny Jacobs

2. Terrifying.

I had the scare of my life about 5 years ago when someone attempted to break into my home. The perpetrator tried to break into my garage but was quickly scared off when my alarm started to ring. I witnessed the potential break-in after watching the events unfold through my CCTV footage. It definitely gave me chills and was a good reminder of why it is so important to invest in home safety devices, such as CCTVs and alarms. Our safety must be a top priority, and it is certainly worth it to spend a little more to ensure it. – Emily Cooper

3. You could’ve warned me!

I can never forget the events of 24th  October 2021. I got back from the grocery store around 9 pm, and while unpacking, I had a sudden uneasy feeling of being watched. This feeling sent shivers down my spine while I carefully looked around and checked the whole house to ensure that there was no stranger in my home. This uneasy feeling persisted even when I didn’t find an intruder. I had to double-check the doors and windows to ensure that I had them locked before sleeping. Around 1 am, I suddenly woke up and noticed the kitchen tap running. I was so sure that I didn’t leave it on before bed. I have never been so scared in my whole life. I called 911 and stayed in my room until the police arrived. On careful examination, the police realized that there was forced entry, but nothing was stolen. A few weeks later, I couldn’t shake off the fear and had to move in with a friend for some time. – Maria A. McDowell 

4. There’s someone out there.

Someone trespassing my property was the scariest thing that happened to me while I was home alone. This was extremely frightening for me because the man was drunk, and it was almost two in the morning. I remember hearing a huge thud in my backyard, to which I immediately woke up. I went downstairs to see what the ruckus was about.

To my utter shock and surprise, there was a drunk man with a hammer in my backyard. Without wasting any time, I called the police, went up to my bedroom and locked it. I soon heard a huge crash. The man had broken a window with the hammer and entered my kitchen.

He started shouting obscenities and threats. I was terrified for my life at that point and didn’t even utter a word. It felt like time had come to a standstill. I took a sigh of relief the moment I heard police sirens. Although the police came in after 10 minutes, it felt like hours. But, I was relieved to know that the man was arrested. Ever since then, I have installed security cameras and changed my home’s locks. – Eduarda dePaula

5. That’s a good way to get hurt.

The scariest thing I have ever experienced at home was someone standing on my front lawn. I was alone, and I could hear him mumbling something. The most haunting part of the entire experience was how calmly he stood in the middle and didn’t even blink once. I was too scared to go out at that time, so I only peeked through the curtains. 

I called my neighbors but they were not home as well. So, I gathered the courage to tap the window near the front lawn. But I was super precautious – I had locked all the windows and doors. He instantly glared right in my eyes and walked away. It was the most bizarre experience as if he had just come out of his trance. – Jessica Kats

6. Wrong house.

Once I was home alone and the scariest thing happened to me. I felt someone’s presence at my own house. 

I heard a cracking sound initially in the attic but ignored it. Later on, I went to the kitchen to grab some snacks and drinks for myself and I saw my dad going to his room. He was wearing an oversized blue night suit and I was so surprised because no one was at home. Thinking that I might have missed something and my dad might be unwell, I went to his room to check on him. To my surprise and horror, no one was there. No one was at home, and all the doors were locked. I even checked the backyard door, but it was closed. Looking at the empty room made me scared to death and it still feels creepy whenever that incident crosses my mind. – Elisa Bender

7. Attempted robbery.

When I was seventeen years old, my parents went away on vacation and left me home alone, and for the first couple of nights it was fun as I had friends sleeping over, but on the third, when it was just my friend Ellie and I, it suddenly stopped being fun. 

I woke up at 2-37 AM (I can still exactly what time it was) after being disturbed by a noise downstairs. I was too scared to do anything and just lay there in bed, staring at the ceiling while the noises continued. Some part of me knew it was a burglar, and that I should call the police but I literally couldn’t move, I couldn’t even wake Ellie up. It was only after I was sure that the burglar had gone, and I waited an extra hour to make sure that I was able to summon the courage to call the cops and report the home invasion. 

Even after a year of counseling and therapy to try to come to terms with the experience, I still have nightmares about it and if I’m woken up in the middle of the night by any noise, I find it impossible to go back to sleep. It was the most frightening I’ve ever been, and ever want to be. – Christina Russo 

8. On the loose.

The scariest thing that ever happened to me was about two years ago when I was home alone. All my family members went out to my cousin’s wedding. And because I was a new joiner to my new job, I could not go to the wedding. So I had to stay at home. I had my dinner, and I suddenly heard a low and unclear voice. I did not think about it much at that time. I thought there might be something out in the garden. I turned on the TV and started watching it. While watching the tv, I felt like there was someone in the house. And I had the sense that I was not home alone. I thought as I watched a lot of scary movies maybe because of that I felt like this as I could not see anyone. So I continued watching tv without paying much attention to my feelings. Then suddenly I saw someone passing behind the tv. It was not any human being. A black human-like figure, more like a shadow, walked away. I was so scared that I called some of my friends to my house and spent the night together. – Lyle

9. Scratching in the ceiling.

It is an old story. I was probably in my teenage years when a horrifying experience made me swear that I am never going to be left alone even in my own house. It was a few weeks before Christmas when an urgent letter from a distant relative made my parents pack their bags and hurry for their native village. Their aunt was sick and apparently, the hospital needed the urgent signature of blood relatives to commence treatment. So they had to leave me because hospitals aren’t great for kids who get nauseous from the smell of medicines and I was supposed to lead the chorus in Christmas carol. They telephoned my cousin, who was in a college hostel to keep me company for a couple of days. Since she lived in the city nearby it would take her three to four hours to get to my house. So I had to stay alone for a bit.

From watching unlimited to movies to hogging candies, everything was fine until it started to snow and power went out. I froze when I heard a mysterious tapping on the attic window like someone was knocking. I could visualize a ghost-like entity calling me out to open the window. Though my vivid imagination was an after effect of the fiction fantasy novel about otherworldly beings that I just finished reading two days ago.

I sat behind the couch, covering myself in a snuggly blanket for hours fearing that this is how I am going to die.  I must have dozed off because my eyes opened on hearing loud thudding on the door followed by a familiar voice. My cousin Brittany was shouting my name. I finally got out of the trance of fear and hugged her tight. It was probably the tightest hug I ever gave anyone till date. Although the whole incident has now turned into a funny story that I am often persuaded to narrate at family gatherings, at that moment it was my scariest experience. – Olga Voronkova

10. Somethins is wrong with water!

“When I was a teenager, I was swimming in the ocean with one of my friends while another friend of ours was on the beach with our things. We swam up to our waists but the water wasn’t getting any deeper. We wanted to be able to swim so we went quite far out, but it was so weird as the water hardly got deeper. Out of nowhere, we were pulled out until we couldn’t touch the floor. Turns out we had got pulled out in a riptide without realizing. We almost drowned and were thankfully spotted by lifeguards after around 10 minutes of trying to stay above the water. That was definitely the scariest moment of my life.” – Megan Moore

11. A twister.

I loved playing tags with my grandfather when I was young. He passed away years ago, and I really grieved for a long time. Now, I’m still that bubbly girl with a bit of a childish personality outside of work, plus, I love playing with kids up until present.

One night, I was pretty exhausted at work, and my husband was still out and I wanted to cook dinner for him, when suddenly I felt a touch on my shoulder. I didn’t know why but I honestly felt like I wanted to play, and as far as I remember, I enjoyed the night running and dancing around until my husband got home. Again, I was pretty exhausted and blurry.The next day, my husband showed me a recorded CCTV footage of myself that night, and it was pretty creepy. If my grandfather wasn’t playing tags with me, I wouldn’t be running around. – Andrea Chapman

14. Knock, knock!!

I was sleeping alone at home. When I turned over in bed, I opened my eyes a little while turning and then quickly closed them again. In that single second, I thought I saw a man standing at the foot of my bed. I remained still. I’m awake, yet my eyes are closed. I was attempting not to appear awake while listening for any sounds in the room that indicated someone breathing or moving. I was unable to hear anything. I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes and look, so I reassured myself that no one could have gotten in without my hearing a window crash and went back to sleep. However, the front door was open when I woke up in the morning. They took nothing and left no evidence of their presence. Nonetheless, it was quite creepy. – Sherry Morgan

15. Neighbour’s

So I was home alone, this was years ago when I was 7years old. The neighbors next door to us (a couple with two kids) started fighting really loud. At first, I thought it was their TV but as it got more loud I could hear one of their kids (my friend) crying too. So I opened the door to just peek outside, without leaving, because my mum had left strict orders not to. 
I was still at the door puzzled when the mother screamed and came out the door running, saw our door was opened, pushed me in, got in, and locked the door behind us. He was chasing after her but because she had locked the door, he could not open it. He started banging at our door. I have never been so terrified in my life. He was screaming all sorts of words at her while I was just at the corner of my house so terrified. In my little mind I was like “he’s also gonna hurt me for letting her in”. It went on for a while until I heard more voices outside and I think they were calming him down or something. One of the neighbors came to get her after everything had cooled down. It was scary, but I learned a valuable lesson though. Mind Your Own Business.  – Evelyn Ott

16. Mysterious!!

This one is perhaps the scariest thing that has happened to me ever, and it was realizing that my next-door neighbor had kidnapped a woman and kept her for years in his apartment. I had known this guy since I was a little kid because he owned the apartment next door to my dad’s. There was nothing suspicious about him, he was single and had a job that kept me out of his home for weeks. However, I do remember that when I was a kid, I and the other children from the building would say that there was a ghost in this apartment because we always heard these noises, as if someone was crying. One night, I was in the apartment while my dad was out of town. When I was in the hallway, I encountered this thin lady that I had never seen before. She came out of this apartment with her whole body shaking, and she left running as fast as she could. It was weird but since she had the keys in her hands I didn’t think it was anything bad, oh boy.

A couple of hours passed and I heard people screaming and the police coming in as if someone was killed. It was the middle of the night and they were knocking on everyone’s doors asking questions and looking for the guy. Turns out he had kidnapped this woman more than 15 years ago and had kept her in secret in this apartment. The worst part is that the guy had another woman in the same conditions in another property, while not a single neighbor knew about any of them or what this guy was doing. – Sharon van Donkelaar

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