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5 Ways to Help You Fall Out of Love With the Wrong Person

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Love is one of the most beautiful and complex emotions that humankind can experience. When done correctly, it can have permanent butterflies in your stomach, extra spring in your steps, and a nerdy smile that only thoughts of a loved one can bring about.

On the other hand, this same emotion, which is the source of so much joy, can also be the cause of the peak of pain.

Chances are there may be a plethora of reasons when you decide to stop loving someone; maybe your feelings aren’t reciprocated, or your partner may repeatedly act against your best interests. No matter what the reason, it’s never easy to walk away from someone. However, you can do it with the right steps.

We compiled a list of ways that can help you stop loving someone. 

1. See things for what they are.

The actuality can hurt, but it can also be very liberating. The first step in trying to stop loving someone is to come clean about their actions that hurt you.

Trust me, facing reality can sting; it is never easy. Perhaps your partner has stopped paying so much attention to your needs that you feel lonely, have financially dangerous habits, or do things that cause you to feel more pain than love. 

Being honest with yourself doesn’t automatically erase your love for them, but it can help you gain some perspective on your relationship. With this new perspective, your strong love for them may begin to weaken over time.

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2. Focus on your feelings

Oh dear, no matter how long your relationship lasts, falling in love with someone can profoundly affect your growth, your personal life, and even your worldview.

It’s important to accept what your partner meant to you, the importance of the relationship in your life, and what you’ve accomplished with your loved ones.

When you are able to do that, take a step back and realize that the relationship is no longer what you want it to be or that it is not creating the same joy as before.

Regardless of these truths, allow yourself to accept that letting go is still difficult. Being honest with yourself every step of the way helps make the process easier.

3. Ask for help.

Indeed, dealing with something as difficult as the end of a relationship can make you want to retreat to dark corners alone. However, this is never the best option.

Reaching out to friends and family and enlightening them about your choice and the difficulties can help ease the burden. In turn, your loved one will walk with you through your hardships. 

They can also share suggestions and thoughts that helped them survive when they have made the same decision.

In other cases, talking to an expert about your decision and proven learning ways to handle it can help in soothing the pain.

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4. Be patient.

The truth is life will be so much easier if you have a switch that you can turn on and get rid of all the hurt. The only way to get over your feelings is to work through them, and that usually takes a little time.

Giving yourself the grace of feeling pain, loss, and acceptance may take some time, but it’s important to manage your emotions regarding your love interest.

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5. Look forward to the future.

Now, the idea of ​​getting over your feelings and moving on to the next stage of your life can seem like a daunting task. But time is a great healer and holds great prospects for you and your future.

With so much promise in the future, any pain or sadness you may face will likely pale in comparison to what lies ahead.


When we decide to stop loving someone, the first thing we must acknowledge is the strength it took to accept backing off from situations that no longer make us happy.

Falling out of love is not an easy task. And there are many things that make this process a real challenge. But being honest with yourself, focusing on your feelings, talking to others, and being excited about the future can help make the process easier.

Love is everywhere, and it may seem a bit dreary now, but happiness is just around the corner.

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