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How To Seduce a Man and Drive Him Crazy over Bed

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Men are very particular in their sexual desires and do not demand more. There are few hidden desires which you must understand for yourself. Their prime focus in bed is to satisfy their lady love, and they silently follow your lead most of the time. They also require attention for attaining desirable sexual pleasure. 

You do not need to initiate or start the sex, let him do the tough jobs, and you drop a few hints to make him aware of your plans. If your man loves you, then he is going to catch the hint and reward you for sure. Men like it when their girl demands sex from them. Sex builds emotional bonding, which can be stronger only if the emotion is shared mutually.

Here are a few of the fantastic tips that will make your man go crazy in bed.

8 Tips to Make Your Man Go Crazy In Bed

1. Suggest him 

Make some suggestions on the dining table or while watching TV. Discuss your last sex night and what all changes you could make to enjoy it even better. Talking about sex usually excites men, and you are just on the right track if you are dropping hints this way. He is going to add stuff to your suggestions and imaginations and plan it immediately. 

He will do in-depth research on what things he can try to drive you crazily towards orgasm. Make your demands as it is going to make him happy and wild. Make him last longer on the bed by teasing him with all your knowledge. Do a strip dance without letting him touch you during the session and wait for him to crave for you and your body.

2. Make a wild move

When you both are in bed, try and do something new and wild like tearing off his clothes or biting his ears and much more. It is going to set the erotic mood for the night, and then you can continue with your routine moves. Apart from your signature moves, try and suggest different positions that will arouse you both in all better aspects. Bring sex toys like a vibrating cock ring that helps him for the last longer.

When you bring in new dishes on to the table, your man is going to remember it for a very long time. It gives him pleasure in both physical and emotional means. Men’s emotions are underrated, but they too appreciate the efforts made for them. They deserve to feel loved the same way.

3. Switch to varieties

Make him increase the speed during sex and also ask him to put more force inside. Your confident demands for making it rough sex would challenge him in all good means, and he is going to deliver you the way you want. Start doing it during the foreplay itself. Demand him for a love bite and give him one too. Make him suck on your erogenous zones, and you can do the same for him. Make the feel mutual, and you would find him noticing the different taste of yours. Always do the opposite of what he expects, and you will be able to surprise him every time.

4. Turn yourself on

Women love when their man helps them to turn on. But if you are taking the lead to make the sex amazing for your man, then you need to take your responsibility. Men like it when they find their lady love happy and all turned on already. It is an indication for your man to jump right into the business without wasting any time. 

He will make efforts to turn you completely on after he finds you halfway there. Your man would love to see you waiting for sex night, and he is going to reward you with amazing sex. Extend the foreplay session for a long time to extend the sex night for a long duration. You can grab the sex toys to make full night love with your Partner.

5. Be naughty

You might be a good girl when on a date but in bed, bring all of your naughtiness together as you might need it to make him love you even harder. Do not feel nervous to talk dirty or do naughty stuff with him. He would love to see you turning naughty for him. He is going to co-operate and turn naughty along with you. Show him that you crave for his love, and you can do anything to make him go wild.

6. Mark your territory

Leave scratch marks and love bites on his body to make him remember the night when he takes a bath the next day. It is more like marking your territory, which adds an amazing experience to the entire sex session. Make him stand in front of the mirror and kiss the marks and imagine the last night’s action. It is really hot and sexy feeling to give him signs which he cannot erase for a long time.

7. Go rough on him

When he hands you over the lead during sex, do not let go of the chance and go extremely rough on him. Make him scream while you bounce on him and let him know your intentions. He is going to join you in the conquest if you share your intentions with him else let him enjoy the pleasure in suspense. Once you are done with your part, you will see him turning into a beast and pushing himself inside you. Get ready to bare the sweet pain as a return gift for the pleasure you gave him.

8. Take Turns

Most men do not give up their flow and finish it soon after they start. Force them out and demand control. Dominate your man at times as it is sexy. Your man is going to love the gesture and wildness in you. The switch turns and takes the sex session for a long duration.

These are few tips by which you can make your man go crazy in bed. You can also wear sexy lingerie, especially for the night to turn him on. Believe it or not, but if you can deliver all the above tips, your man is going to give you the sexual pleasure for a long time.

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