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How To Start Having Sex Again After A Breakup?

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Sometimes the best thing we can do when it comes to our happiness is to make the decision about the breakup. It is hard, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. Cutting of the person who was important in one period of life seems impossible. Even though someone was not happy in the relationship and was constantly thinking about calling it split, a permanent breakup can have some unpleasant effects. Feeling of sadness, sorrow, and anger.

For some breakup, is a feeling of uncertainty, betrayal, and some sexual incompatibility. When it comes to sexual issues, a breakup can make everything harder. You may think – how am I going to open up to someone that much again? For some people, the time after a breakup is the time of sexual reflection. Am I good? Should I do it on the first day? The longer time it takes to decide, the more stressful the next sexual encounter can get. Some people, usually men, after the breakup, decide to relieve their sexual tension by watching porn or buying sex dolls. If you feel like you want to buy sex dolls online, but remember that women are nothing like that.

How to start having sex again? Even after a messy breakup and telling yourself that you are not going to do it at all, your approach will change. Sex is something natural, and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Do it when you are ready.

For sure, you do not want to be the person who is someone’s sex nightmare. Crying on the bed or drinking so much alcohol that you barely can walk are not good ways to cope with the loss of the partner. You should start to be sexually active only when you will need it, and you will be able to do it. Having sex after the breakup might be tough, so you have to prepare for it. If you decide to have sex with other people before you have completely moved on, it can hurt you emotionally.

Accept your emotions that may be confusing.

It is well known that time heals wounds. Everyone has to take one’s time to get over the unpleasant situations and emotions which are connected with them. If you feel sad and you do not want to meet new people, you do not have to do it. If you feel worse, just thinking about being naked in front of somebody, do not rush yourself to have sex.

Find the right person.

It is socially known that after the breakup, some people tend to have sex quickly, without thinking about the person they are going to do it with. Even if you want to feel the freedom, you should always listen to yourself.

If sex is a more complex issue for you, connected with intimate emotions and a sense of security, it will be better to find the right person. You should ask yourself if you feel good enough with him or her. Sex after the breakup may be stressful, so it is important to talk about needs and desires. Also, you should not expect too much from your first partner. You are used to some of your ex-partner’s moves, so be patient with the new one and try to relax. If you want to date someone first, it is ok. You should trust the new partner enough to get physical.

If you want to do it, do it.

As we are all different, we should not try to adjust to social opinions. If sex with someone new is precisely what you need, do not feel that there is something wrong with it. If the split was making you feel rejected, having sex who desires you could boost your self-esteem. This decision can be beneficial as it helps you to move on more quickly. Thanks to that, you may prove to yourself that there is still a possibility to create a new connection with someone. A lot of couples tend to fall into routines of doing it the same way, so having sex with someone new may give you a breath of fresh air.

You can have sex with yourself.

If you feel that you need emotions connected with having sex, but you are still not ready to have sex with someone new, you can try to masturbate. It will relieve your sexual tension and relax you. Thanks to that, you will have a pleasurable time without being stressed over someone’s reactions.

Before deciding to have sex or not, remember that you do not have to know exactly how you feel or what you want. Do not feel ashamed when you want to have sex quickly after the breakup. Always do what is best for you and your emotions. Do not feel pressure on yourself.

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