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How To Tell When Your Partner Is Cheating

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When you’re in a relationship, happy and in love, life is perfect, and things are just the way you want it, you let go of your fears and settle in. 

As we grow comfortable with our partners, they became a part of us. We understand every quirk and habit. Things become second nature until…things start feeling strange and different. No one ever wants to face the fact that maybe that difference/change is because of your other half spending more time with someone else or simply-cheating on you. 

Ignorance is bliss, after all. 

But the big question is, ‘what do you when you suspect your partner is cheating?’ Or, how do you know whether your suspicions are true or not? 

Obviously, no one can ever know what goes on inside another person’s head, but experts have narrowed down some behavioural changes that are most common in a cheating partner. 

1. Spending most of his/her time on the cell phone, out of your line of sight

With the world we live in, modern technology has made it easier and simpler to contact people from all over any time we wish. Sadly, this has attributed to much outside interference in our daily lives. People talk more, they get close, and things can lead to places we don’t want to look at. 

This is not a verdict passed on every one. People can’t be labeled a cheater just because they spend a lot of time chatting. But, when your partner suddenly starts hanging out with their phones more than usual, laughing or smiling more than they usually do and with someone you don’t know, then something is up. 

If you ask your partner who the person on the other side of the phone is and they get edgy or feel a little guilty, then this is something for you to take note of. 

2. Over-compensating for any mishaps

How To Tell When Your Partner Is Cheating

If your partner suddenly starts showering you with gifts or anything else of the sort, it is not a usual occurrence or an auspicious day (not an anniversary, special holiday or birthday). This is a sure sign of guilt. Someone only ever buys you a tonne of gifts if they feel bad because of something they did. The gifts or pampering is a way to make it up to you without them having to actually feel bad or face the fact that they went behind your back and hurt you by cheating. 

3. Overspending money without any explanation

When a man suddenly starts spending too much money without a valid reason as to why, and without your approval, then it’s time you look into why. Sadly, money is like a magnet to getting the things that we want, and a man with a loaded wallet can be very appealing to the eye. It’s common sense than a 

woman will date a man who can afford to show her a nice time than someone who is homeless. It’s probably the same the other way around, but this is in the lower percentile. 

So if you check your man’s credit card bill only to find out that he has been eating out at restaurants, buying merchandise from a women’s only boutique and none of these things were for you or done without your knowledge. It is more than just a little suspicious. If ever, money was withdrawn from your joint account and there were still no details on what it was spent on, you would have to confront the issue and demand an explanation. 

4. Avoiding eye-contact or spending time together

If your partner starts making up excuses to avoid you, he/she doesn’t want to spend time together or even do the little things that you normally did together. If one-on-one conversations are strained, and he/she can’t look you in the eye. It’s a dead give away that something is wrong. 

It won’t take much. You already know your partner and when they seem uncomfortable, guilty, and scared to be around you. Nothing else will you give a greater impression of him/her having betrayed your trust. 

5. Proof of the other person 

How To Tell When Your Partner Is Cheating

So you are doing the laundry one day, and you find the clichéd lipstick stain on his shirt, the smell of someone else’s perfume stuck on the fabric or something simpler- receipts depicting a night spent out with someone else that could only be considered romantic when the excuse was ‘late-night working’! 

These are sure signs that something else is going on. 

We would like to ignore the idea that anything is happening in the first place. You have put a lot of time, consideration, and sacrifice into the relationship. You surely don’t want all that work to go up in flames just because your partner was too weak to walk away from temptation and made a mistake. We definitely do not want to think about that. If you suspect cheating, then it’s best to always confront the issue first. Talk it out with your partner first and see if your suspicions were right. 

However, always remember that we can sometimes overreact based on our own fears and edginess. Remember to do things with a calm mind first. Just one of the above signs is not always a 100 percent validation. But if more signs follow then, you will have to accept that something is wrong and confront the issue or at least talk about your suspicions with your partner. Some things can always be worked through, and love is the strongest thing out there. 

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