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How Instagram Flirting Ruins A Relationship

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Are you in a relationship right now? Have you ever wondered if flirting could ruin your relationship? More specifically, how can Instagram ruin a relationship. Well, this article will talk about that.

We all know Instagram somewhere affects our relationships. From exchanging the number to sharing Instagram handles, flirting in whatever sense – is wrong and poisonous.

You may be thinking Instagram flirting is not a sin, but Instagram flirting is one of the reasons behind the end of relationships. People don’t even realize they are hurting or breaking their partner’s trust, and they just keep on flirting secretly.

How does flirting affect a relationship?

4 Signs That Your ‘Flirting’ Is Cheating in Your Relationship!

According to the dictionary, flirting is described as behaving in a way that displays sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously. While that statement is accurate for innocent flirting, we all know that some people have hidden agendas. Many people flirt to see if there’s a prospect of a romantic or sexual relationship developing. The line between innocent fun and intentional infidelity blurs when this happens outside of a committed partnership.

When Flirting Turns into Cheating.

Different couples have different perspectives on flirting. Another couple finds the friendly chat amusing, but it makes them feel insecure and threatened. As a result, it’s crucial to talk to your partner and set mutually accepted boundaries. You’ll have a problem if either partner betrays a promise or commitment made to the other.

Infidelity is self-evident when flirting is motivated by love or sexual desires. This isn’t always the case, though. Flirting often begins innocently enough but gradually increases, blurring the line between harmless fun and unacceptable behavior. Here are four “less obvious” signs that your flirtation is getting out of hand.

1. When you consider flirting with the same person.

Let’s face it, flirting is pleasurable and can make us feel great. On the other side, daydreaming, recalling, and anticipating pleasurable flirtations with one person are indicators that something more is budding. “Do you ever catch yourself thinking about your flirtatious friend while they’re not around?” you might wonder. It’s time to reconsider your relationship if you responded “Yes.”

2. When You Don’t Tell Anyone About Your Flirtatious Behaviors.

Why are you not telling your partner, family, friends, and coworkers about your flirting? It’s one thing to keep your sensitive partner in the dark about the hot UPS guy with whom you’re having an affair. When you’re uncomfortable telling your best buddy about your flirting, you’ve probably crossed the line.

3. When You’re Feeling Guilty.

If your partner could read your mind and sense your emotions while you were flirting with a friend, would they feel betrayed? Do you ever feel bad about flirting since you had so much fun? If this is the case, your friendship is on the point of being improper, and it’s time to say goodbye.

4. When Is Emotional Intimacy Shared?

We all require the love, acceptance, and respect of others. Regardless of our relationship status, we are lonely when our intimacy needs are not met. When your heart yearns for closeness and connection, yet no one wants to connect with you, you are lonely. When we’re single and isolated, this can happen, but it can also happen when one or both spouses are emotionally unavailable.

Friendly flirting and banter may inspire us to share more of our feelings and thoughts. What starts as a lighthearted friendship grows into a strong emotional bond. If you find yourself revealing more of your emotions with your flirting friend because they understand you better, you’ve already passed into dangerous territory.

How is social media destroying relationships?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are increasingly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. While technological advancements have many positive aspects, they also have certain negative consequences that damage not just your self-esteem or career but also your relationships. Is social media wreaking havoc on your relationships, and you’re not even aware of it?

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Let’s look at seven ways that social media is destroying relationships:

1. It brings the present into the past

How often have we received a friend request, a comment, or a message from an old friend, ex, or coworker? The trouble with social media is that you don’t have a lot of control over who can see or contact you. While this may evoke good memories and feelings of nostalgia for happier times, it may also evoke unpleasant emotions or even temptations.

2. The boundaries are broken

Opening your life to the rest of the world gives you even more territory to keep an eye on and cover, which might be difficult to accomplish! There appears to be an implied etiquette on social media that if you don’t accept someone, you’re insulting them. Rubbish! It’s your personal life on the line here, and just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to.

3. You are transformed into a comparison queen

Don’t be fooled by filters and #hashtags; many people are happy and successful without having to announce it to the world or win a crowd’s approval. Just because you have larger breasts or a smaller waist doesn’t make you any less appealing.


It may sound serious, but it is true, and it often starts as a slight uneasiness that grows as we become more connected with social media. Your relationship with your lover should not be centered on social networking. You shouldn’t have to check his profile every 5 minutes or stalk individuals behind their backs to see if there’s anything unusual going on. It’s time to reconsider and even take a vacation if social media is starting to govern your habits, ideas, and overall behavior.

5. You can become addictive and allow it to take priority over your life

How many times have we reached for our phone first thing in the morning or during a meal with our partner? There should be a rule prohibiting the use of phones, tablets, or other electronic devices at any social function or meal! For thousands of years, we lived without it, and we all functioned significantly better (even communicating better!), so don’t lose perspective and put the phones down and talk to each other like we used to!

6. It eats away at your ONE-ON-ONE TIME

We spend an incredible amount of time trying to keep up with all the different social media channels. While it is important in some women’s careers, it should not be our major focus. Remember to look after and nourish the important things in your life.

7. It could result in overshare and unwanted opinions

In other words, the more people you accept into your life, the more unpleasant perspectives (on how you should spend your life) you will invite. Thanks to social media, we have this unspoken permission and absolute confidence in oversharing. Why? We do it because we know it will get us noticed, sympathy, or a conversation of some sort, making us feel like what we have to say is valid and who we are is important.

Why do we do Instagram flirting?

Admit it; we all do. Even with staying in a relationship, we probably think of sexy women or men, slide into DMs without being afraid, comment, and like to random people photos.

Instagram is not always what we see, and it’s more complicated and judgmental.

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The possibility is we may have come across various #couplegoals accounts on Instagram, who keep on flattering lovely pictures, naming them as “perfect relationship.” In an attempt to make our relationship “picture perfect,” we keep on flirting till the time we won’t find the right one. Moreover, if we get attached to someone, we keep the hunting game on to find a better partner. 

Anyone can be expert in flirting. You just need to know what to tell, when to say, and how to speak – to impress the person. 

What does Instagram flirting look like?

Flirting on Instagram is harmful to a relationship. 

Sitting with your partner, but texting to someone else – your body is present, but your mind keeps on wandering – not responding to what your partner has asked you and keeping canceling date nights – all such actions only lead to an end.

Moreover, it shows you’re not at all admirable to your partner. You are busy climbing up your flirting game. You keep on sliding into another person DM’s, commenting on their pictures because Instagram flirting becomes your addiction, and it’s nearly impossible to escape from this Instagram-catchy world. 

How Do Instagram Flirting Ruin Relationships?

However, we are all aware of this- the fact that Instagram is the world’s most popular mobile application and is considered the front-runner when it comes to opening up about one’s relationship. 

Instagram is a social media world – where one’s being is assessed how frequently they post images, stories, and comments. 

You flirt on Instagram because this is how social media works. For a few, Instagram flirting in a relationship seems innocent enough. The average age of marriage for men and women, hitting 28, puts the most trying years of marital relationships right inside the bracket of the most loyal Instagram users.

The reality is, social media makes you feel like your relationship isn’t worth enough.

So, how do you realize Instagram flirting is running for your relationship? Let’s find out. 

1. You have no longer remain a faithful person:

The time the thought of flirting hits your mind, at that instance, only you become an untrustable person to your partner. Knowingly, you engage with others online, and for obvious reasons, that can ruin your relationship.

2. The talks only lead to arguments:

We all hate to get into a fight with our partners. If you spend most of your time flirting with others and your phone keeps on buzzing all day long, it’ll surely cause arguments because you’re divulging your companion. No matter which way you gaze at it, that’s what you’re doing. And it’ll make them mad.

3. You ignore your significance:

Once you dwell on Instagram flirting, it’s difficult to pull back. You don’t even realize you ignore your better half, only to flirt with a random person. This can lead to many problems, less caress, no dinner talks, no Netflix nights, and of course, zero intimacy. 

 If issues like this don’t get resolved, it will surely ruin the relationship big time.

4. Flirting makes you think your partner isn’t good enough:

When you involve someone else and treat you fairly better and show you the extra care and affection, it makes you question your partner. You see them as less than great. You see them in an unappealing light. And that’s just not healthy for a relationship. 

5. You compare your present relationship with online ones:

You love to post every sweet moment with your partner on Instagram, but your better half is not likely to share. That doesn’t mean your partner does not love you; everyone has a unique way of expressing love and being in a relationship; you should appreciate it.  

The problem arises when your online date wants the same type of relationship you are looking for. You probably get slipped and start comparing your present relationship with the online one. Also, it makes you judge your relationship far too seriously.

6. You stop seeking the “thrill” of flirting with your partner:

The root of a relationship is to keep cherishing the bond and building that intimate connection. When you get that feeling online, you’ll stop seeking it in your better half. That thrill will be lost, and they’ll feel distant. This damages your relationship.

How to stop Instagram flirting?

If you want to save your relationship, you need to stop doing everything that may spoil your relationship – including Instagram flirting. We mention the tips to save your relationship below:

1. Spend less time on Instagram:

You need to get off Instagram. Spend more with your partner and family. Embrace the real-life moments and value those who present with you. 

2. Stay away from the people who try to flirt with you:

There are always those creeps online who try to flirt with you. Either block them or don’t pay them any attention. You’re in a committed relationship, and you need to be faithful to your partner. You cannot flirt with anyone random person you meet randomly. If you really want to flirt with other people, you may need to reevaluate your current relationship. 

3. Appreciate the things your partner is doing offline:

Your relationship is beautiful and picture-perfect. You need not let others know by posting every little thing your significant other does for you if you feel like other couples have it better based on the photos they post—time to take a step back and appreciate the things your partner does for you every single day.

Wrapping Up!

We know social media has taken control of us. But it depends on us, how we look after our relationship stuff. Don’t let this Instagram flirting ruin your relationship, appreciate everything your partner does, and you’ll be more fortunate and won’t feel the need for Instagram flirting.

On average, a person spends around 5-6 hours of a day scrolling on Instagram only. That means you itself open the gate for the trouble to enter your relationship. 

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