Tuesday, December 5, 2023

22 Adorable LGBTQ Couples to Follow On Instagram


The LGBTQ community has been underrepresented for a long time, and their voices have been silenced. The need for a community was felt where people would feel safe and receive all the support they could find. And this need led to multiple members of the LGBTQA+ joining social media, where they can make a change.

Social Media has become one such safe space for the members. You will find peer support and necessary information surrounding Gender, Sexuality, and Mental Health, especially on Instagram.

With Instagram, the LGBTQ community and the Non-LGBTQ community are trying to break down the stereotypes of being a couple.

We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for ways to connect with some of the most inspiring, adorable, and empowering LGBTQ couples.

Adorable LGBTQ couples to follow on Instagram

What inspires many people is the ravishing relationship between members of the LGBTQ community. It’s a beautiful thing to admire when two people love themselves and their partner.

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Here, we have a pride-filled list of LGBTQ couples some should follow on Instagram. These couples will inspire and entertain you from transition journeys and open talks about gender and sexuality.

Gabi and Shanna @27travels

Gabi and Shanna

The lesbian Instagrammers, Gabi and Shanna, are based in Brooklyn, NY. What brought them together is the idea of traveling. Gabi being a photographer and Shanna a videographer, what followed next is their Instagram @27travels. The couple started documenting their life and travel destinations. They believe in growing and learning together while traveling the world. 

Betty and Taylor @bitterbettysux


Betty has been doing drag for over 20 years and her love for it has led to the start of a wig business named 1800WigTakeout. She is a trans woman married to her partner, Taylor Andrews, who is also a trans man. Their love for each other is adorable and sometimes they would post entertaining content surrounding the trans community. You will find beautiful pictures of Betty in drag with Taylor for date nights on their Instagram. 

Sundas Malik and Anjali Chakra @sufi.sun 

Sundas Malik and Anjali Chakra @sufi.sun 

Sundas and Anjali are the Pakistani-Hindu duo whose wedding photographs created a lot of buzz on social media. Shot in New York, the couple was spotted wearing traditional South Indian attire: a lehenga and a saree. Instagram saw these adorable pictures of the lesbian couple for the first time, then the pictures were reshared everywhere. Through their Instagram, you can tell how they embrace their culture and celebrate their sexuality. 

Zara and Meghan @zarabarrie

The list isn’t complete without the recently married, Zara and Meghan. Zara is an author, creator, and co-host. She created Girls On Jane and her Instagram includes beautiful pictures of their wedding and life. With over 52.8k followers on Insta, Zara and her wife are building a lesbian community where women feel brave about their sexuality. 

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju 

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju 

Residing in America, Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju got married at BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Robbinsville in New Jersey, America. The gay couple proved how love has no bounds and their wedding was like a dream. You can find beautiful wedding pictures of the couple on Instagram. For their wedding, the couple wore Kurta sets by Anita Dongre. Head over to Instagram and discover their world. From travel stories to dance rehearsals, they know how to keep their audience entertained and engaged. 

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Newsha and Sabrina @mewsha

These two individuals are extremely attractive and one of the coolest couples you will come across. Newsha and Sabrina recently got engaged and they look like a really fun couple. The love and vibe they spread feels contagious, and will definitely put a smile on your face. 

Jazmina and Kay @missjazminad 

The moment you dive into their Instagram, you’ll know how colorful and adorable their life is. Jazmina’s makeup tutorials have a huge fan base. But these fans are in it not just for her makeup skills. Jazmina and Kay also got recently engaged and their love will fill you up with warmth and happiness. From fashion to love, follow these couples for a bit of everything! 

Rissieri and Petros @sold_a_telly

Rissieri and Petros @sold_a_telly

The gay couple has so much to share about their life that they came up with the hashtag #petrissi. First met in December 2008 through internet dating and their first date was at a coffee shop. Adorable isn’t it? They are all about travel, happiness, and crazy lighting. The couple loves partying and their top three parties include NYE in Rio, Carnival in Salvador, and Halloween in NYC. 

Andee and Huga @andeecys

Andee and Huga @andeecys

Andee and Huga first met at the Singapore National Gallery on the 1st of January 2017. For them, it was love at first sight and their chemistry was thrilling with zero moments of awkwardness. The couple doesn’t like partying much and their ideal way of spending time together would be strolling, traveling, or bed watching Netflix. 

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Craig and Dion @craigchrystie 

Craig and Dion do not like the idea of a joint account very much. You’ll find stories about their journey through each other’s Instagram. They were introduced through a mutual friend and stayed in touch for a long time until they finally went out for a date. Their dream destination is Japan, the Maldives, and Greece. 

Allie and Sam @allieandsam

Allie and Sam @allieandsam

Allie and Sam are the pioneers of representing the Lesbian community on Instagram. They share their journey as a couple with the help of photography and inspiring captions. The followers love how connected the couple feels, with each other and their captions are captivating. Recently we could see the couple getting married and they looked absolutely stunning in their wedding dresses. 

April and Bec @aprilsanywhere

April and her fiance Bec live in Brisbane, Australia. The couple shares a love for traveling and met each other while working in London. April’s Instagram encourages people to be themselves, live their lives the way they want to, and about being proud of themselves. By sharing moments of their life on Instagram, the couple has been doing a great job increasing the visibility of the LGBTQ community. 

Vanessa and Joey @Vnessadoll

Vanessa and her wife Joey live in Southern California along with their kids Axel and Lexa. They have been together for over 11 years and show off their beautiful family on Instagram. Vanessa’s Instagram showcases relatable and informative advice. She posts about how to look for ‘gay-friendly’ places to stay in while traveling. The couple is an inspiration to many people who are unsure and afraid of coming out as LGBTQ+. They encourage their followers to live the truth and enjoy the process. 

Rob and Chris @2traveldads

The Florida-based couple runs a travel blog together. Taylor calls the blogs ‘the original LGBT Family Travel Blog’ which features their posts. From tips on how to plan a road trip, how to explore the Florida Keys with a tight budget, and how to go snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas. The adventurous couple travel with their kids, Elliot and Oliver. 

Terrel and Jarius @terrel.and.jarius

Blogging is fun and informative for many people. Terrel and Jarius blog everything from viral dances to learning how to French braid on their daughter’s hair and showing off their puppy Romeo. These dad influencers have over 300,000 followers on Instagram and post weekly podcasts. They are also very popular in TikTok with almost 1.4 million followers and they run a rapidly growing Youtube Channel. The Atlanta-based couple have two kids Ashton and Aria who are just five weeks apart. In 2021, the couple celebrated their 10 year anniversary and their love story can be seen in every post. 

Jake and Hannah @jake_graf5 

Jake and Hannah are a London-based trans couple who are happily married. In April 2020, thanks to a surrogate, they were able to welcome their daughter Millie. For people who are getting second thoughts about being trans and a parent, their Instagram will give you a lot of support. They spread the idea that not having a biological link with your child does not mean you won’t be a good parent. Hannah used to be a captain in the British Army and William is an actor, writer, and director. He is very outspoken about helping the trans youth since as a child he had gone through a lot of negative thoughts. 

RuPaul and Georges LeBar @rupaulofficial 

RuPaul and Georges LeBar

RuPaul and Georges complete each other truly. They’ve been together since the early ’90s and in 2017 they got married in secret. The perfect match looks amazing together. RuPaul hosts a TV show, pops up in almost every movie, and has one of the best wardrobes in Hollywood. On the other hand, Georges runs a ranch in rural Wyoming. They sound like completely different people who have come together because of Love. 

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita @justinmikita

These love birds got married back in 2013 and have been leading a busy and fun life since then. From making Taylor Swift music videos in their cameos to coordinating designer outfits on the Tony Awards red carpet. They even get birthday invites to John Legend’s birthday party! So cool right? 

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi met at an awards show in 2004 and married in 2008. The two romantic and adorable couple renewed their vows in de Rossi’s native Australia for their tenth wedding anniversary.

Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

They two married in March 2017 in Palm Springs and jetted off to Italy for their honeymoon. And their Instagram feeds have been a nonstop flood of romantic vacay pics ever since.

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor @hollandvtaylor

Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

The actors met at a Hollywood party in 2005 and after a decade, they connected with each other on a romantic level. The relationship began in 2015 over a project based on women’s rights. The couple has a 32 year age difference and has the same spiritual views about the idea of marriage. Their relationship revolves around the value of time and love. 

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent @jeremiahbrent

The interior design duo, Nate and Jeremiah, are hosts of the reality TV show ‘Nate and Jeremiah by Design’. Their Instagram is full of street-style outfits and interior decor projects along with adorable pictures of their kids Poppy and Oskar. Being a part of the design industry, their Instagram is flawless and has a tone of minimalism to it. The duo met each other back in 2012 through a mutual friend, Rachel Zoe. The couple reconnected a few years later and almost immediately knew they were TheOne for each other.

Despite the struggles they have gone through, these couples have helped a lot of people in multiple ways. A lot of us are grateful for the power of social media, we’ve connected and shared parts of ourselves with kind strangers. These couples have been influencing us, helping us to accept and admire every part of our mind and body. 

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