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Signs of a faithful relationship, According to Experts

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A relationship is built on the foundation of trust and faith- these are the two roots that make a relationship stronger and flourish. But, how do you know whether you are in a faithful relationship or not?

In this article, we talk about the signs of a trustworthy relationship, according to experts.

Let’s see what their thoughts are about a faithful relationship.

What is a faithful relationship?

A faithful relationship has several ingredients. One is based on trust, and trust is built by doing what you say and saying what you do. For example, saying you will be there at 6 pm and then you arrive at 6 pm builds trust, says Boston-based psychotherapist, Angela Ficken.

She says that a faithful relationship is also based on effective communication where both parties feel comfortable sharing thoughts, feelings, and feedback without fear of abandonment, ridicule, or resentment. “Being faithful isn’t just about sexual faithfulness or fidelity. Do you have each other’s backs, do you trust one another, and feel safe having difficult conversations? That’s all about building a strong relationship.”

Why is being in a faithful relationship important?

A faithful relationship is based on the power of an emotional connection through trust and vulnerability. Couples learn to trust each other starting in the dating process and can build a faithful relationship far beyond that. In celebrating your wonderful relationship, the following are 5 key questions to help you feel confident that you are in a faithful relationship: 

1. Are you recognizing your partner’s character? 

Do you feel comfortable saying that he is a person of honor and integrity most of the time? Being able to recognize your partner’s good character can provide a sense of comfort and trust that you are in a faithful relationship. When you have a partner that you selected to be in a relationship with because you saw how he treated the staff at the restaurant with dignity and respect, then you may have increased confidence that you are in a faithful relationship. Other occasions of good character display could be how he holds the door open for all the ladies just to be helpful or even helps to carry bags for the elderly; the chances are much more likely that you are in a relationship with the faithful person because it may just be in his character. 

2. Does your partner have confidence in you that you are being faithful and is not overly suspicious of you? 

Often people suspect how they act and how others act. With that thought in mind, if you are in a faithful relationship, your partner is not suspicious of you because they are not doing anything wrong. When you are involved with a faithful person, their positive outlook and their ability to see the good in you increases. The opposite occurs when someone is up to no good. The no-good-doer is often suspicious because they are unfaithful. Your partner’s lack of suspicion could be a sign that you are in a faithful relationship. 

3. Is your partner consistent, doing the same things in his daily routine, or letting you know in advance when a big change at work is coming? 

Consistency is a key factor in being in a faithful relationship. If you can almost time your partner’s arrival from work, for example, you can be pretty confident that you are in a faithful relationship. The inconsistent partner raises suspicion every time. So, sure, maybe you have complained that your partner can be a little boring, but the chances are, his loyalty is just as consistent as he is. So now you have a reason to celebrate his consistency instead of complaining about being bored. Appreciate the loyalty and recognize that you are probably in a faithful relationship. 

4. If he is distracted, do you know why he is distracted: big project, promotion coming, financial difficulties, and are you expressing your positive belief in him?

Sometimes even the most consistent partner has to change up the routine. He becomes distracted, and maybe he isn’t paying you the same amount of attention. This doesn’t always mean he is being unfaithful. This does not mean you have to panic. Take a look at the cues regarding the change. Is your partner still dressed the same? Is there increased complaining about the long hours at work while you are being supportive? Did your partner discuss with you why he was going to be late or why the normal habits would be different and even give you a time frame for the change? Are there financial difficulties that you are both facing? An honorable man would be distracted because he cares and wants the best for you, not because he is being unfaithful. These cues are all signs that you are still in a faithful relationship.  

5. Are you doing the things for your partner that helps increase that loving feeling, not what you think is special but actually what makes your partner feel special? 

This is most important in increasing the probability and your confidence that you are in a faithful relationship. Understanding what makes your partner feel special and providing that is one of the most powerful things you can do to stack the deck toward your being in a faithful relationship. This is easier said than done. We often think what we want is the same as what would make our partner happy. But the truth is, our desire may not be fulfilling our partner. We have to take the time to learn, understand, appreciate and respect our partner so that we can provide that which is fulfilling for him. If you don’t pay attention, you could be surprised. So, pay attention and come outside of your emotions to allow your observation and intuition to help you be the best you and help him be the best him. With this most important aspect, you will have a fulfilling connection and confidence that you are in a faithful relationship. 

Dr. Stephvanie Wynn is a Relationship Coach, Licensed Professional Counselor, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur.

Signs of A faithful relationship According to Experts

Your partner is constantly trying to be near you or express physical affection. 

Your partner may not be showy in terms of public affection, but if they are constantly trying to be physically affectionate, it’s their way of affirming their commitment and way of building on your intimacy.

They don’t flinch when you check their phone. 

One of the modern venues for infidelity is one’s mobile phone. If your partner is truly faithful, you’ll be able to go into their mobile device without them having a mini heart attack.

When you both can talk about the finances honestly.

I think one telling sign of any faithful relationship is how the couple handles money. It might not seem the most romantic thing in the world, but money management is one of those things that can make or break any relationship. People in faithful relationships are completely transparent about their spending, including every frivolous expense. Everyone has different spending habits, interests, and things to do with their money that their partner might not fully approve of. However, the key to successful relationships is that the expense is communicated regardless, instead of hoping they won’t see it on the credit card bill!

So even though relationships shouldn’t revolve around money, the way a couple handles money is a good indicator of how faithful the relationship is. Nikolina Jeric, Founder of 2Date4Love

Many people like to have the reassurance that their partners still love them and are faithful to them. However, there is doubt sometimes, and you just aren’t sure. This is where trust comes in, but trust isn’t just enough to even with the most trusting person. Here are some signs to assure you that your partner is faithful to you. 

You both trust each other. 

People who trust you are likely to be faithful to you because they believe that you are equally faithful. Trust is one of the most important aspects of every relationship, only second to communication. When a couple trusts each other, they are likely to remain faithful, especially because of the belief that their partner is faithful. When your partner stops trusting you without a concrete reason, it is probably because they are engaging in things that could jeopardize your relationship. 

Your partner is honest with you. 

Someone who has something to hide will never feel the need to lie to you. If your partner willingly tells you everything without question, they trust you and aren’t cheating on you. Everyone has something they would rather not tell anyone, but it is easy to share even the hardest things in a faithful relationship where you both trust and tell each other everything. If your partner shares things with you that you can tell must’ve been difficult for them, you should trust that they are faithful to you. This is because it takes a lot to open up and be completely honest with a person. 

You both are committed to each other.

Your partner is faithful If they are committed to your relationship and willing to do everything to make it work. Having a partner who is constantly doing things to make you happy, someone who goes out of their way to ensure that you almost always have a smile on is a sign of faithfulness. It shows that they value you and your relationship and are willing to work to make it work. If it feels like your partner doesn’t make any effort in your relationship and it’s all you, chances are they are not faithful to you and your relationship. 

When you both include each other in all aspects of life.

A person who isn’t afraid to include you in every area of their life and share everything with you will remain faithful to you. People who love each other find it easy to involve one another in every aspect of their lives. Not because they see it as something mandatory but because it comes naturally. When you run into a friend you haven’t seen in a while, your partner is the first person you want to share it with. When you accomplish that small win that may not matter to anyone else, your partner is the first person you want to tell. It is just something that comes naturally and is present in every faithful relationship. If you begin to feel like you are being left out in important aspects of your partner’s life, you may want to talk to them about it because it could mean that they are no longer faithful to you. 

You value each other’s opinions and feelings. 

A faithful partner would not ignore your opinion on issues regardless of how minute the situation is. They will also consider your feelings when making decisions in every situation. Your partner should always consider your options and your feelings in most things they do, if not all. Your partner should be able to think, “how would he/she feel if I did this?” before making decisions or acting on things. It is an important aspect of every relationship as little things that aren’t considered can ruin a relationship. When your partner no longer cares about how their actions affect you and your relationship, they may no longer be faithful to you and no longer care about your feelings. Cynthia Halow, Founder of Personality Max. 

These are the signs of a faithful relationship, according to experts. Take a look at your romantic relationship. Do you see these signs in your relationship? If you do, then you are in a faithful, romantic relationship. If you don’t, then you might want to reevaluate your romantic relationship.

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