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6 Best Remote Software Jobs To do In Pandemic

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Due to COVID -19 pandemic, businesses of all sizes and shapes find it difficult to operate smoothly. The businesses were forced to transform their operational infrastructure in such a way that the regular process could be continued without any delay due to lockdown in almost the entire world. The companies had to lay down some of their employees, and after they started managing their operation in remote environments, they hired many new employees.

Where on the one hand, the companies faced certain challenges; on the other hand, we can see endless opportunities for candidates to work remotely. Companies of all sizes are hiring developers online, and we can also notice a surge in remote software jobs

Below are some job opportunities that companies are offering to candidates from all across the world. These are considered the best remote jobs to do in the pandemic.

And the best part is that most of the skills related to these jobs can be learned online.

1. Web Front-end Developer

The job of a front-end web developer is in surge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies are offering jobs to front-end developers at all levels. They are offering remote jobs that you can do anywhere in the world. The need for web developers is to ensure a first-class interface application by employing a detailed understanding of the interaction processes and the needs of users to perform actions seamlessly. Software developer’s hourly rate also varies from region to region. The United States hires remote developers at a much higher hourly rate as compared to the offers from Ukraine, Pakistan, or India.

2. Database Administrator

Almost all the projects need database support. For this, they need to hire database administrators who tend to provide them with all the support for database management, database management, database security, and other processes. Each project has a need for a database administrator that keeps a clear eye on data, edits, and deletion. It is the responsibility of the database administrator to install, backup, patch it to make processes seamless.

3. UI Designer

The remote software jobs also include the position of UI designer. When an application is developed, there is a need for an interactive user interface that would be easy for the user to understand and operate. Each use-case of the application is developed based on the understanding and interaction of the user so that the user does not find it difficult to do actions and makes easy use of it. Not only this, the role of UI designers is increasing with time. There are advanced measures and software available today that are used to make highly engaging graphics and content. The need for UI designers is also increasing in the remote environment. Companies are hiring UI designers to make a good sha[e of their websites and the mobile app interface.

4. Software Engineer

Companies are hiring developers online. There are enormous positions and offers that are given by companies with compatible and experience-based salaries. Software engineers are responsible for providing development services for each module and then test the application against all use-cases. After this, the project is deployed to verify its operations.

5. Project Manager

The need for project managers has become critically important. The project managers are supposed to manage the o[perations and processes of the multiple projects in a remote environment. There are wide opportunities available for project managers to get the job they want. They are supposed to meet the deadlines of the project and ensure the team members are working according to the requirements given by the client. They are also responsible for giving regular updates to the clients in the same or another country.

6. Quality Assurance Managers

During the outbreak of COVID-19. A surge in the jobs of remote QA engineers and testers is seen. The companies that are developing software products need to have a team of QA managers that are responsible for testing the product from various perspectives.

There are use-cases in the application and against which test cases are generated to check that the application is working according to the expectation. The vulnerabilities and security loopholes are identified to fill them up with time so that the risks associated with the application could be mitigated.

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