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8 Signs Of A High-maintenance Girlfriend

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How many times have you heard this statement from your friends, “Duh! Man, your girlfriend is literally high-maintenance; how do you handle her tantrums? Her choices or views upon things are way too different, and she lives an extraordinarily lavish life; how do you manage, bro?”

What is a high-maintenance girl?

The phrase “high-maintenance girl” refers to those women who spend most of their time grooming themselves up and keeping their opinions on top. High-maintenance girls are very possessive.

These are the image-cautious women who have an extremely high level of standards from getting a spa every week to too expensive shopping, being choosy in friends, and even continually making their partners prove their worth.

Of course, a high-maintenance girl is impeccably beautiful. They love to acclaim their stylish life on Instagram. Although dating a high-maintenance girl might not seem a tough task, it will cost you some big bucks in the long run.

Why are guys attracted to a high-maintenance girl?

According to researchers, every guy wishes to maximize their chances of getting the best partner possible. Also, dating a high-maintenance girl is one way to keep their persona up.

In today’s time, “high maintenance” is more recognized as a term for a well-tuned competition strategy.

What if you are a low-maintenance guy? Would it be easy for you to adjust with a spendthrift girlfriend? If not, then you better avoid dating a high-maintenance girl.

Signs of a high-maintenance woman:

As the study says, a high-maintenance girl is rarely satisfied with anything. Being needy for bourgeois stuff, she demands much affection and respect at utmost priority. Sometimes, most high-maintenance girls are also considered dumb and patience-less.

Dating this kind of girl could require constantly proving how much you love her. You would be expected to pamper her with luxury gifts to fulfill silly demands. And of course, dazzling dinner dates are damn significant for such a woman.

So, if you are dating a high-maintenance girl, moving out of such a relationship can be a relief. Here are the signs of a high-maintenance girl.

1. A high-maintenance girl is an attention-seeker.

Ask any of your friends who have dated a high-maintenance girl, and you would probably hear them say, “Man, she demands too much attention.”

Whether you are introducing her to your friends or attending a colleague’s house party, such women love to express their status. They would also love to flaunt which designer clothes or shoes they are wearing, the countries they had recently traveled to, and many other high-five things about their status.

High-maintenance women never stop showing how expensive they are. In short, they want every eye on them only.

2. Yes, they take plenty of time to get ready.

If you have asked them to get ready at 8:00 for the event, they will never be. Even if you had called them an hour earlier, they would still mess up at the end moment.

Taking hours to dress up are the signs of a high-maintenance girl. If you see these red flags in your relationship, ask yourself why I am into this fussy relationship?

3. They are extremely self-obsessed.

All that a high-maintenance girl cares about is her appearance. They don’t bother about what others will think; they keep on obsessing with their charisma. These girls strive to look like glam goddesses. From neglecting your priorities to keeping their things first–this is one of the signs you are dating a worldly girl.

4. Indeed, they are controlling.

If your woman stops you from hanging out with your friends because your friends don’t match her class, then you should plan to escape from such a relationship. She wants everything to match with her status in her idealistic world, from upmarket friends to a generous lifestyle. Everything in your relationship goes the way she decides.

5. They love to be bossy.

Dealing with a high-maintenance girl is not at all easy. Women like this rule over you; they interrupt you at work without caring about it at all. They also keep passing their unsolicited suggestions.

Sometimes, they may even ask you to pick their clothes from dry-cleaners or get the essential grocery because they are busy in a salon. If you feel like she is treating you like her personal assistant, man, just move on.

6. They just love to get expensive gifts.

A high-maintenance girl is fond of precious jewel items and believes in worldly things. Therefore, if their birthday is coming up, they start dropping hints months back about what they want from you on their birthday. The list often comprises only fancy things that she knows you don’t like purchasing or can barely afford.

7. You are their favorite personal chauffeur.

Manipulating is one beautiful weapon of high-maintenance girls. They can do anything to accomplish their goals, no matter how much they will suffer.

Even knowing you are busy at the office, they’d still continuously call you to pick them up from their friend’s place and drop them home. Yes, high-maintenance girls are insane. Your girlfriend is a rich brat, and you need not be the victim every time. Act wise, man; she is using you.

8. Oh, common, forget splitting, they ask you to pay the bill.

A high-maintenance girl prefers to dine in a lavish restaurant and asks you to do the same. From champagne to sushi boats, tempting desserts to sauteed vegetables, she favors having all, whether or not you like it. Things become worse when she asks you to pay the bill because she forgets her cards at home. 

If that is something not happening the first-same; but every time you guys go out, man, she has taken you for granted, and asking boys to pay the bills is her favorite pastime. Detach yourself from such a relationship and get a fresh life.

At last!

A high-maintenance girl isn’t a gold-digger; all she wants from her guy is to support and love her lifestyle. If you are not an image-freak person and happy the way you are living, you probably should avoid dating a high-maintenance woman because your relationship seems lifeless. Dating a bossy and manipulative woman sounds like inviting a devil for a dinner date.

So, guys, take note and watch your girlfriend’s actions. If she seems controlling and sometimes dominating, lace up your shoe and run.

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