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Are you being love-bombed? Here are 6 signs to know.

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Who doesn’t want to be loved and pampered? But sometimes, it becomes overwhelming, and that is when we call it ‘love bombed.’ 

Let’s get into detail to understand it better. 

Love bombing is when a person showers you with excess love and care and shows affection beyond the limit so they can later manipulate you emotionally or gain control over you.

Or in simple words, love bombing looks like when someone constantly wants to be around you, compliment you, do a public display of affection, etc. But the tricky part is that it’s difficult to predict whether it is genuine because it seems and feels so good. 

People often mistake love bombing for the honeymoon phase of the relationship. But there is a distinctive difference between the two.

In reality, love bombing can be a red flag in a relationship. According to many relationships, experts love bombing is unhealthy in a relationship as it makes the other person difficult to maintain their boundaries. Also, many professionals say that the goal of love bombing is to make the recipient feel obligated or indebted. 

In the honeymoon phase, the love is shown with a genuine, thoughtful intent to make the other person feel happy, but love bombing is to impress and make the recipient feel grateful.

Are you dating someone who is showing excessive love to you? It might be a sign of love bombing. Here are a few signs through which you can find it out. 

Excessive compliments:

Everyone wants to be complimented, but when your partner goes overboard, then it’s time you get alert. Experts say “that love bombers do this to gain control over your self-esteem, and you rely on them for their self-worth.”

Wants to be with you non-stop

Spending quality time with your partner is great. But when your partner starts spending an unreasonable amount of time, it is a clear sign of love bombing.

Shower you with expensive gifts

If your partner unnecessarily showers you with expensive gifts without any occasion, then that’s love-bombing. This is a clear sign that they want to make you feel obligated, and you slip into the guilt of not doing the same for them.

Introduce you to the family early

It takes time for a relationship to grow and eventually move to the next step of getting to know each other’s family. But if your partner introduces you to his family and friends too early in a relationship, then it might be possible they want to make you feel that you are important to them. However, rushing into a relationship is not the right thing.

Early confession

There is nothing wrong with being expressive, but it takes time to fall in love with a person and become comfortable saying the L word. However, the confession duration of love may vary in every relationship. Yet when it gets too soon, it is probably not love, and maybe the person wants something from you. 

They want to get into live-in early

Moving together is an exciting phase in a relationship, and it happens once both partners are comfortable with each other and are committed. However, love bombers may try to get into live-in too early to take control of your life.

Wrap up!

While it’s exciting to fall in love and get into a relationship, love bombing is a serious concern. It could leave you staggering if the relationship doesn’t turn out as expected. 

Love bombing is not right in a relationship; it’s a tactic to get control over the other person’s life and make them feel obligated. So, look out for signs if you are getting into a relationship.

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