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SMM: What It Is, How It Works, Pros and Cons

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Nowadays, social media marketing is an integral part of business strategy for most businesses and active social media brands.

Thanks to social media, the world is now connected; anything and everything you post is viewable by anyone from anywhere on the planet, provided they have a computer or a smartphone and internet connectivity. This is excellent news for businesses and brands, as marketing has always been challenging.

In addition, you can use SMM panels to grow your audience. SMM panels are sites where you can get likes, views, and followers. For instance, Cloutsy SMM panel, which is one of the best SMM panels today, can help you interact and communicate with your pre-existing customer base.

Besides, you get new followers, which will increase the engagement you get on your page and in turn, attract more customers to your page. And you’ll have thousands, if not millions, of people who can view and see the products and services you offer, hence the potential to increase your audience. 

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

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SMM, or social media marketing, is all about using social media platforms, on which users establish social networks and exchange information, to build a brand, boost sales and drive traffic to a company’s website. Besides giving companies the ability to interact with existing customers and attract new ones, social media marketing provides data analytics that help marketers track the effectiveness of their campaigns and discover even more opportunities to engage new customers.

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The Pillars of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, there are five core pillars: coming up with a strategy, preparing before publishing material, listening and engaging with the audience, monitoring feedback, and coming up with advertising. Let’s take a look at each one of these pillars.

Coming Up With a Strategy

social media

Before you hop on to social media and start sharing content with the world, you need a strategy to help you get the results you seek. This might include setting your marketing goals and mapping how you will get there. You might also have to sit down and assess each social media channel and see the results you can achieve. The process might involve scheduling the time you spend on social media and the content you will create for each of the social media channels you have. A strategy is essential as it plays a significant role in deciding the road you will take and the determiners of your success.

Prepare and Post Content

For your content to give you more audience reach, it needs to be relatable, posted during convenient times, and high-quality. Depending on the social media site, you can post images, videos, or even blogs; tweeting happens on Twitter, and videos and photos work on Instagram and Facebook. It helps if you plan out a posting schedule so your audience can be on the lookout and know when you will post something. In addition, regular posting means there will always be new and fresh content on your page.  

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Listen and Engage With the Audience

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The more your channels become prominent on social media, the more people will talk and interact with you and your brand. You will have people send you direct messages about whether to offer their take on what they think of your products and services. They may also tag you or post comments under your photos and videos.

Customers who are unhappy or complain about the product or service you offer may also reach out and let you know about it on social media. You must show good customer service and respond to them with a solution. This is especially important if the conversation is public and other customers can see, as it will show you care about their concerns and respond.   

Monitor Analytics

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You have to monitor and track data when you use social media; this is important in letting you know if you are making any progress or failing your strategy. This step might involve looking at reach and how many followers you have garnered over a given period.

Some social media sites offer these helpful analytics; a good example is Instagram. It shows how many people have viewed and interacted with your post, the number of people who have recently stumbled upon your page and the engagement rate, among many other things.   


Most social media sites offer a platform to advertise your products for free or at an additional cost. The ads on social media help you reach a much wider audience and target prospective customers based on their demographics and behavior. If your business is new, you might benefit from paid marketing strategies. This is also a great way to promote a temporary offer if your business is an already established brand.   

Pros and Cons of SMM

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There are good things about SMM but also negatives; below are some of the pros and cons of social media marketing.


  • They reach a wider audience as you have unlimited potential customers on social media sites.
  • You can connect one-on-one with your customers; thus, delivering messages and solving disputes are easier.
  • Monitoring customer feedback is possible; thus, you can answer questions and reply to queries.
  • Paid advertisements are an added benefit as you will reach an even larger audience.
  • Your business will grow at a much higher rate compared to other forms of marketing and advertising.   
  • Access to growth opportunities 


  • The social media marketing strategy is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort, money, and time
  • Non-favourable publicity; negative comments and reviews can hurt your business
  • The entire process requires patience; you might not see any results during the early stages.


SMM is beneficial to most businesses and brands because the first thing your business should have to be successful is getting customers. Social media is full of millions of potential customers who can see your accounts. In addition, you get analytical data that helps you run your business with a strategic plan to yield results.  

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