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The Secret To Maintaining Balance In your Love and Work-life

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Do you want to have a fulfilling love life and career at the same time? Read on to find out how you can have just that.  

What’s the one commodity we all have the same amount of? Time. 

We all have 24 hours each day. If you’re a busy professional who has a tough work-schedule, how do you make time for your love life? It’s simple but not necessarily easy:

You commit to having a dream-come-true relationship.

If you’re finding yourself with no time left for your partner, you have prioritized all the other things above them. Don’t make excuses. It’s true.

If your mom or your kids got terminally ill, you’d drop everything to go take care of them. Why? Because that has become the highest priority for you. Your issue isn’t time. Your issue is a commitment to having the relationship of your dreams. 

There’s no shame in not being willing to put your partner higher on your priority list. But just be honest about it. You’re not having them as a priority because you can’t. You’re not having them at the top because other things are more important to you right now.

Being honest with yourself and your partner will give you greater clarity to create a life that you both truly love. Hiding these things just builds resentment in the relationship.

How to Bring Back Balance in Your Love 

The Secret To Maintaining Balance In your Love and Work-life

If your schedule has gotten busier than you intended and you want to find a way to rebalance your life, here’s what you can do:

1. Write down the three top priorities you have in your life

Be honest with yourself. You want to feel your whole body saying yes to these priorities. If it’s only a ‘nice to have,’ it’s not enough. If it’s ‘I should do it,’ it’s also not good enough. This is your life, and you get to live it how you want. 

2. Carve out time

You don’t wait until you have time in your life. You carve it out now. Everyone always wants something from you. That’s why you have to take full ownership of your calendar and protect your time. Even if you only have ten minutes each day to spend with your partner, it’s better than waiting for the weekend. It’ll send a clear signal to your partner and yourself that this is important to you. After all, you are the creator of your life. You either choose to live a life that’s aligned to you, or you allow other people to choose for you. If you truly step up, your partnership and career will change for the better.

3. It’s not either-or

People don’t realize how much energy they can get when they have an amazing partnership. When you are in a deeply fulfilling relationship, you combine both of your energies together. What you get is an exponential increase in creativity, energy, and focus. Suddenly a relationship can become the catalyst for your career. Instead of having to choose, you get to have both.

All it takes is to get out of a binary-mindset where you believe you have to choose between these two things. What if there’s a third alternative you and your partner haven’t even thought about yet? It takes persistence and willingness to re-evaluate things from a fresh perspective and find out what works for both of you. 

At last!

That’s how you create a fulfilling life for yourself and your partner. A life where you don’t ask how to balance things because there’s no line between work and love; it’s all play and fun for you. To achieve that, commitment is needed. It’s the catalyst that changes everything in your life. Most people aren’t ready to commit and end up living a life that’s not satisfying for them. Follow your heart and commit to living your best life possible. You might just be amazed at how your life can change when you step into your power. 

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