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6 Best Apps to Manage ADHD

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Is ADHD affecting your productivity level? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects children and adults.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, around 10 million US adults live with this disorder. ADHD can make you feel overwhelmed or distracted all the time. This can affect your daily work and sleep routines.

The work that needs an hour might take you three to four hours if you don’t manage your ADHD symptoms. Let us first understand the term before we learn to manage it. 

What is ADHD? 

ADHD is defined as a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children and, in some cases, continues throughout their lifetime. ADHD can make it seem hard for you to initiate a task, follow or remember things and manage complex situations. This might lead to less control over impulsive behaviors and hyperactivity. 

Depending on an individual’s symptoms, there are usually three types of ADHD

  • Inattentive: The person gets distracted very easily, faces a lot of difficulties while trying to organize tasks, difficulty in paying attention to details, or even following instructions. They might also forget or lose things. 
  • Hyperactive-Impulsive: The person feels fidgety, restless, and impulsive. They are seen to be talking a lot and make careless mistakes. 
  • Combined: Certain individuals have a combination of both types of symptoms. 

To help you stay on your track, there are apps to manage ADHD. Here you will find a list of apps that will help you stay focused irrespective of ADHD. Users have increased their productivity using these apps. Continue reading to find out more about the apps that will help you stay organized. 

6 Best Apps to Keep your ADHD under Control 

Evernote: Best for taking notes to stay organized


Evernote is a free app that comes with a few in-app purchases. It acts as a modern-day list keeper. You can type in your to-do lists, add reminders for important things, scan handwritten notes, take pictures related to an important task and save multiple websites or videos. There is a search function available that makes it easier for you to look for a specific file. If you are not good at staying organized, Evernote can help you look for things whenever you need them. 

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Remember the Milk: Best for reducing the overwhelming feeling

Remember the Milk

Every task involves several steps. With the free app Remember the Milk, you can gain a sense of accomplishment after every step. By creating a task and subtask list, your chances of getting the work done are higher. Use this app to assign due dates for every task and add notes that provide all the needed information. Information such as location, messages, addresses, details of a meeting can be added. You will receive notifications about any upcoming due dates. The app also provides a feature that shows the most efficient route for you to collect items. 

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Todoist: Best for managing your to-do list


Todoist is the app you need for daily motivation. With this free app, you can easily jot down things to do in the form of a list. It will notify you about your chores and even encourage you to continue. Just add a task, a reminder time, and the hashtagged list; the app will then take care of the rest. Recurring reminders can also be set in the app, and progress can be tracked with the Todoist progress summary. The summary talks about the tasks that you have completed so far and how many are left to be done. 

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Brain Focus: Uses the Pomodoro method to keep you focused

Brain Focus

Brain Focus is a time management app that is available free of cost. If you get distracted easily, this app is a must. Brain Focus keeps you away from your phone. It will block apps and quiet down the notifications so you cannot get distracted while focusing. The Pomodoro method is used by the app, which sets the time-on-task and time off-task. You can select the start time, and the app will lock you out of the apps that distract you the most. Brain Focus uses all the countdowns to track your progress in multiple self-selected categories like school, chores, reading, meditation, etc.

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Headspace: Stay productive without getting distracted


One of the most popular tools used by adults is Headspace. If you’re experiencing symptoms of ADHD, this meditation-based app will give you an advantage. Because of the distracted mind, one might fail to do high-quality work. Using Headspace, you can increase your focus and complete more tasks within fewer hours. It offers multiple mindful meditation exercises and guided sessions. The sessions are available for sleep, anxiety, panic and come in the form of music, courses, stories, and so much more. Using meditation, one can declutter their thoughts and increase concentration power. Headspace will keep you on track for longer hours. 

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Asana: Best for collaboration projects

Asana App

Asana acts as an organization and collaboration tool. You can add to-do lists and add all the due dates along with the assignment details. This app is great if you are looking to add some structure to your professional life. There is a team collaboration feature where you can assign tasks to others and view any kind of project on the project boards. Once you’ve assigned a task, it will remain visible, and no one will lose track of it. 

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These apps will help you to manage your time and increase your productivity level. With features like reminders and mindfulness meditation, you can keep your ADHD under check and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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