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Finding Motivation To Workout At Home- 6 Tips To Workout Alone

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Sometimes life brought massive changes in our way. Many of us have had to rethink our goals, dreams, and of course, fitness—and just about everything—thoroughly.

With usual routines seems to have vanished, and a feeling of nothing to do all day seems appropriate. It can be difficult to find the motivation to put on your running shoes and commit to a fitness regimen.

However, taking care of your body and carving out time in your week to exercise is one of the most important ways you can practice self-care.

It is undeniably difficult to prioritize physical activity when you miss group fitness classes and the sense of community and accountability they bring. However, just because you can’t be in those spaces, does not mean your motivation has to dwindle along with it. There are multiple ways to bring forth motivation in the monotony and rekindle your desire to exercise. Below are a few ways you can practice accountability and find motivation when working out alone. 

1. Know the difference between routine and rut: 

Finding Motivation To Workout Alone

Lately, life sometimes feels like one endless groundhog day, but that does not mean your fitness routine has to. This isn’t about finding the one perfect fitness routine. 

It’s about arming ourselves with multiple options. It’s also about creating a life centered around movement where we find better health, confidence, inspiration, and energy. If you feel like your routine is no longer working for you, consider implementing a fitness mix with a variety of different physical activities you enjoy.

Taking a walk, lifting weights, doing virtual yoga or pilates, going for a run, and dancing are great ways to stay active and keep your fitness routine from stale. Through trying out different workouts, you can rekindle your motivation and end the rut. 

2. Schedule virtual group workouts: 

Just because gyms are not nearer to your place, that doesn’t mean you will drop the idea of exercising. If you are finding it altogether challenging to workout alone, consider forming a virtual workout group. With a million and one workout videos at your fingertips, it is easier than ever before to find workouts that groups of all ages, fitness levels and tastes can enjoy.

All you need to do is round up your favorite workout buddies, set up a time to meet over zoom, choose a suitable workout for everyone, and encourage each other to stick with it. This way, you stay connected to the people in your life and establish a virtual sense of shared accountability. Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing motivation when your friends are yelling at you to keep moving over zoom. 

3. Create a fun workout playlist: 

Finding Motivation To Workout Alone

The right music is an essential part of any workout. Especially when working out alone, creating a fun playlist ahead of time can make a world of difference. Whether it is pop, hip-hop, 80’s disco music, oldies or classic rock, listening to music you enjoy has been proven to increase your stamina, energy levels and drive for sticking with physical activity. Additionally, pumping up the tunes takes the focus away from being alone, helps to prevent your mind from wandering, and directs your thoughts back to your movements. 

4. Create a dedicated workout space in your home: 

Just as working on the couch or in your bedroom can pose a threat to your professional productivity, the same can be said for your workouts. When choosing a space, consider an area that is clean, free from clutter, and spacious enough for the activity of your choosing. Whether it is your back porch, garage, or the floor of your living room, it is vital to establish a designated space for fitness. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to switch gears and block out the temptation to turn on the tv, take a nap mid-workout, scroll through Instagram, or check emails.

5. Stay consistent with your schedule: 

Maintaining a consistent workout schedule will make it easier for you to remain consistent and committed. Whether it’s going on a run before work 3 times a week, attending a virtual pilates class mid-day, or winding down with some yoga after work, it is important to get in the habit of working out at similar times throughout the week. When you decide to workout is of less importance, what truly matters is that you are blocking out reliable times that work best with your schedule. Then, once the schedule is set, push yourself to stop making excuses and adhere to the schedule. Dedication, healthy habits, and unwavering rhythms should be the focal points here. 

6. Invest in the equipment you need: 

Finding Motivation To Workout Alone

It is no doubt that one of the major benefits of a gym membership is the provided treadmills, weights, machines, mats, etc. Although equipment can be pricey, if you know that you prefer a certain machine or piece of equipment, it is worth the investment to purchase the equipment you need. Is running your thing?

Invest in a durable pair of running shoes so that you can perform your best and minimize injuries. Do you love yoga? Buy a mat that allows for your best at-home practice. Do you want to focus on toning your back or arms?

Purchase a cheap set of weights or dumbells and lift accordingly. At home, workouts don’t have to be expensive. Not everyone needs to order a treadmill or rowing machine, but it is important to be aware of what you need to workout successfully and then make sure you have it in your home. 

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