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7 Ways to Reduce and Relieve Stress Through Cleaning and Organizing

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Whether you realize it or not, living in a messy, cluttered home has actual psychological effects on your body and your mental state. Pull up a photo of a messy, cluttered home and a photo of a clean, clutter-free home. Notice how each of them makes you feel inside. There is a reason why so many people have an addiction to social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest…we love endlessly scrolling through clean, beautiful, clutter-free homes.  

1. Find Pictures that Inspire You

The problem is that scrolling through Instagram tends to drive people to feel bad about their own situations instead of empowering them to improve it. So the next time you see a photo that you love, save the photo and find ways that you can recreate it in your own home, no matter your budget.   

The reality is that no matter if your home is new or old, you can feel the stress-relieving effects of cleaning and organizing in your own home. Start with one space at a time, and you’ll begin to feel the transformation that takes place inside yourself when you have a clean, organized home. 

When you start to feel less motivated, go back to your favorite photos that you saved and allow them to inspire you to create a home that you love coming home to—a place where you can feel at peace.

2. Take Advantage of Frustrated Emotions

Whether we want to admit it or not, frustration can be a benefit in our lives. While nobody likes to feel frustrated with the state of their home or life in general, it often motivates us to action. And that action can sometimes involve cleaning and organizing. Using that frustrated energy to power-clean our homes can help to relieve the stress we were feeling before as well as help us have more inner peace because of our surroundings.  

So the next time you’re feeling angry or frustrated, direct that negative energy towards something positive and take charge of the situation in your home.

3. Crank Up the Music

It’s amazing the powerful effects music can have on our lives. The next time you are feeling the itch to clean or organize your home, crank up some high energy music to get you going. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how energetic music can not only get you going but can also help you keep your energy level up, which’s often required when cleaning and organizing.

4. Cleaning Burns Calories

We often don’t think of cleaning and organizing as physical exercise, but it is! There is so much body movement involved in cleaning that it works as a stress reliever! Cleaning each room, running up, and creating those beautiful vacuum lines can help to work your body and burn calories.

On top of that, working hard at cleaning and organizing can also help you to sleep better!

5. Getting Rid of Extra Stuff

Whether you realize it or not, every single item that you own adds to you the amount of things that you are responsible for. And over time, that kind of weight can weigh you down and cause stress. The process of decluttering, while it can be difficult at times, can be very therapeutic and can really help you to reduce stress. There is an incredibly peaceful feeling that comes from having clutter-free spaces, and decluttering plays a huge role in that. So don’t be afraid to get rid of things that you no longer use because you’ll be surprised at how freeing it is to own less stuff.

6. Cleaning and Organizing Help Reduce Stress to Cope with Things We Aren’t in Control Over

This has been an incredibly difficult year for so many people around the world. Stressors have increased, and people find themselves feeling hopeless and out of control with their futures. One of the great things about maintaining a clean home is that you are in control of your immediate environment.  

Can’t stand looking at that messy kitchen anymore? Clean it! Can’t you ever find your favorite sweatshirt in your over-stuffed closet? Organize it!  

These are things that we have control over, and there is a sense of empowerment that comes with taking charge of those areas of your life. It helps you to regain a sense of control in your life and helps you regain a sense of hope in your life and in your future. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed and out of control of your life and future, take action in your own home. Turn those helpless feelings into hopeful ones by creating an environment where you love to reside because everyone deserves to love being at home.  

7. Home Should Be Your Sanctuary

While the home can be a source of contention and a massive list of unfinished chores, we should do our best to make our homes a sanctuary where we love coming. A place where we can come home from work and feel the stresses of the work day melt away. But coming home to a messy, cluttered home can have the opposite effect. So make an effort to create the type of sanctuary that you want. And take one step at a time. Creating a clean and organized home is a process that takes time and thought. Enjoy the journey!

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Michelle Hansen
Michelle Hansen is a wife, mom of 3 kids, professional organizer and blogger. She believes that there is a balance between having a home filled with messes and love while still being able to maintain a clean, clutter free home. That’s where she came up with the name of her blog, Practical Perfection. She wants to be able to show others the transformative power of living a clean, clutter-free, organized life and how it can truly change you for the better.

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