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10 Easy Switches You Can Make to Live a Healthier Life

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You’ve probably heard of the term “your body is a temple.” In short, it means that we should take care of ourselves in order to reach our full potential. The healthier we are, the more we can enjoy life to the fullest.

However, there is a lot more to “being healthy” than meets the eye. Yes, eating good food and exercising is essential, but other day-to-day habits can make a big difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Below we are going to take a look at ten easy switches you can make to live a healthier life.

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Sugary Drinks = Water

Energy drinks, soda, juice, coffee, and tea – There is no shortage of delicious beverages out there. However, while we may love them, they often have a terrible impact on our bodies. 

Alongside increasing the risk of obesity, heart disease, tooth decay, and high blood pressure, they can actually drain your energy. While it’s ok to enjoy them as a treat now and again, it’s better to stick to water as your primary source of hydration. Your body will thank you for it.

Want to make your water bottle more interesting? Try these ideas so that you never get bored.

Escalators = Stairs

Often it’s the little things in life that can dramatically affect your health in the long run. While you might not have the time to exercise every single day, you can make small changes to get in those extra steps.

One easy switch to make is to take the stairs instead of escalators and elevators. It only takes a few minutes extra, and you’ll feel much better because of it.

Junk Food = Healthy Snacks

There’s no denying that junk food is tasty, but it’s called that name for a reason. All of your favorite chips, fast food, and sweets are made of ingredients that aren’t good for your body.

When you’re hungry, opt for a healthy snack instead, or consider making your own meals from scratch. You might also try shopping at places that stock a variety of natural groceries, such as good earth markets, for example. 

Large Plate = Small Plate

Speaking of food, another easy switch that you can make to cut down the amount you consume is by using a small plate instead of a large one. We tend to eat more when we pile it up and using a smaller container will cut down your serving size.

A few other suggestions you might want to keep in mind include:

  • Making half of your plate vegetables.
  • Eating slowly and taking small bites.
  • Portioning snacks in containers.

TV Time = Reading a Book

Binging a good TV show is a great way to unwind, but if you’re doing this right before bed, you’re going to affect your health. Technology tricks our body into being awake when it should be resting; Thus leading to interrupted and disturbed sleep.

Instead, switch your remote to a good book if you need a way to settle down. Not only does it distract you from any troubles, but it’s helping increase your brainpower at the same time. 

Plastic = Reusable

Did you know, in the US, the average person produces around 5.91 pounds of waste a day, with only 1.51 pounds of it being recycled? Switching your plastic to reusable items helps protect the planet and contributes to your own wellbeing.

Alongside creating a healthier environment to live in, reusable items will also last longer, saving you more money in the long run. It’s a win-win!

Late Night = Early Night

Staying up late can seem like a good idea at the time, but before you know it, you feel terrible the next day. Instead of interrupting your entire schedule, try and fall asleep early so that you get the appropriate amount of hours.

You’ll feel more well-rested, productive and will be able to take on everything that is thrown your way. Are you still struggling to get the right amount of Z’s? You can find some tips for a better night’s sleep here.

Cleaning Products = Natural Alternatives

Most people don’t think twice about the cleaning products they use, but they can actually be harmful to your health. Those that contain nasty chemicals can cause reactions and damage the air quality around you.

Instead of buying the first thing you see, try and opt for natural alternatives. You can even make a lot of products yourself with everyday items you have in your home. It’s more affordable and better for you.

Smoking = Staying Busy

There are many reasons why smoking is terrible for your health. Alongside leading to medical conditions such as cancer, lung and heart disease, strokes, and chronic bronchitis, it can increase the risk of several problems associated with the immune system.

While there is no direct switch for a cigarette, you can help your cravings by staying busy as much as possible. When you feel an urge, try and do something that will keep your brain engaged, such as cleaning, playing a game, or exercising. This will divert your attention to help you quit for good.

Negative Thoughts = Meditation

Finally, alongside your physical health, it’s also vital that you take care of your mental health too. Instead of filling your mind with negative thoughts, take time out of your day to focus on meditation. 

Positive reinforcements, self-affirmations, and breathing exercises can help you maintain balance and peace. It even assists with managing symptoms of certain medical conditions. With so many benefits, it’s certainly something that you should try out.

Final Words

And that’s it! These were ten easy switches that you can make to live a healthier life. While it might seem like a lot, by making a few little changes, you can significantly impact your wellbeing in the long run. You really will feel better because of it.

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