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5 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain

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Anyone who has woken up with shoulder pain can attest that it is disruptive and distracting. Whether you slept wrong, have been lifting a lot, or have practiced a sport where you may have been recently injured, shoulder pain is no fun.

If you’re dealing with shoulder pain, here are a few ways for you to reduce it: 

1. Use the right pillows

It’s not uncommon for people to wake up with pain in their neck or shoulder due to sleeping wrong. Whether you didn’t sleep on the side you typically do or your pillows don’t provide the support you need, you may want to take a look at the bedding you’re using. 

The best pillow for shoulder pain can help ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and energized, not grumpy and in pain. You may also want to take a look at your mattress, as the wrong level of firmness or softness could be wreaking havoc on your body. 

2. Get a massage

massage therapy

Your shoulder pain could be from overuse, whether you practice a sport or your job includes manual labor. It may be a superficial pain that isn’t terribly painful but does cause some disruption to your functionality. 

Book a massage with a local masseuse who can help release tension knots and get your shoulder feeling great again. However, you want to be careful with massages if the pain is caused by an injury. In this case, you should be visiting a doctor instead since a deep tissue massage may not be the best idea if the source of your pain is from a sports injury or an accident. 

3. Use ice packs

If you got injured in a car accident or working out, using an ice pack to decrease inflammation can help you avoid further pain. You can use an ice pack or even just a frozen bag of veggies daily for about 20 minutes each time until you don’t have pain anymore. 

This could be helpful if you feel sore after playing sports or working out. However, if you’re seriously injured, you may want to avoid the ice pack and go straight to the doctor. 

4. Try anti-inflammatory meds


If you need a little extra help getting rid of the pain and decreasing inflammation, consider taking over-the-counter meds, such as your traditional ibuprofen, which can be useful in reducing pain that may be from overuse or sleeping incorrectly. 

For more severe shoulder pain or injuries, you may want to speak to your doctor about more potent painkillers and antibiotics. Additionally, consider including anti-inflammatory and real foods in your diet while you’re dealing with shoulder pain.

5. Consider physical therapy

Crop masseur preparing client for spine treatment

If your shoulder pain doesn’t decrease after trying different home remedies, you may want to visit a healthcare provider to determine if you need more attention, such as surgery or physical therapy. 

If your shoulder pain is due to an injury, you may need to book a session with a physical therapist to get your shoulder back to the functionality you had before the injury. Physical therapy can help you decrease any pain associated with an injury. It’s also a good idea to learn exercises you can do at home for added relief when dealing with pain. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re living with shoulder pain, you’re probably going about your days slightly irritated and may find your typical functionality to be affected. Don’t live like this—whether you simply need a massage or need to visit a doctor, it’s wise to take care of shoulder pain before it gets worse. 

In some cases, shoulder pain can be reduced simply by adding a body pillow to your bed. Other scenarios may call for surgery, physical therapy, or medication.

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