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Eating Disorders: 7 Reasons Why Are Women More Vulnerable Than Men?

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Eating disorder!!!

It might have come into the limelight just now, but it has been around for a longer time. Eating disorders are nothing but a particular psychological condition in which a person tends to eat less, binge eat, or completely avoid one particular food group. 

Those people who are suffering from an eating disorder usually have weird eating habits. There are several types of eating disorders. In some cases, the patient continuously eats less and considers themselves overweight, although they are dangerously underweight. 

Young women are more prone to bulimia nervosa, and anorexia nervosa. You can get the detailed information about eating disorders on the internet. 

Reasons Why Are Women More Vulnerable To Eating Disorders Than Men

Studies and statistics show that, compared to men, women are more prone to suffering from eating disorders. Around 20% of women suffer from at least one type of eating disorder. Most young women are on the patient list. 

Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some of the common reasons why women are more vulnerable to eating disorders than men. As it is a psychological condition, it depends on person to person. 

1. Women Are More Active In Virtual World

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The virtual world or social media is always showing us only the good, beautiful side of our life. We get to see a lot of pictures and videos of mostly women with perfect body shapes and sizes. 

At the same time, when it comes to social media and the virtual world, women are more active than men. As a result, they find those women with perfect bodies attractive and want to get the same body and stop eating or force themselves to starve. 

2. Women Are Mostly Being Objectified

We are living in a society where women are always objectified with beautiful things. The beauty of women is also used just as an earthly possession, which affects their mental health as well. 

Hour-glass is an actual unit for measuring the body shape of a woman. Society often forgets that women are also human beings just like men, and they should not be compared with any lifeless thing. 

3. Women Strives For Perfection

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We, humans, are considered the most beautiful creation of this universe. Among us, women are considered the most beautiful ones, and they always want to enhance their beauty more and more. They actually strive for perfection. 

While men are not so much into making themselves more beautiful and not at all ready to do anything for that. On the other hand, women can literally tolerate immense pain in order to improve their beauty. When we are talking about beauty, body shape and size are the first priorities.  

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4. Social Stigmas

We have already mentioned that women are mostly compared with lifeless things when it comes to their beauty. Society always prefers and praises those women who hardly have any outer flaws—flawless beauty and body. 

They do not consider a healthy or fat woman as a beautiful one. Whenever they define beauty, they make us picture a fair, pretty-looking lady with a body measurement of 36-24-36. Women want to fit into this defined measurement and end up being harsh on themselves. 

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5. Hormonal Effects

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After all, whatever we feel and do is somehow operated by hormones and brain chemicals. The woman’s body already goes through a lot of hormonal or chemical changes. They are created that way. That is why they more often suffer from depression or anxiety issues. 

The effect of all these chemicals and hormones makes them take anything really seriously. Suppose someone makes a bad comment about a woman being a little healthy. It affects their emotions, and they start to feel low, their self-esteem gets attacked. In order to feel normal, they might develop an eating disorder. 

6. Women Psychology

Most of us consider women’s psychology to be a complicated one. However, God has created them, but he also is not able to figure out what the women are thinking and what they actually want. 

They want to be praised by all. They always try hard to please everyone. Maybe it is because society itself makes them think that way. To earn the praises, women want to look flawless with the proper body shape and size and also want to maintain that for eternity. 

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7. Women Also Neglects Themselves

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When it comes to taking care of their loved ones, women are the best at that. On the contrary, when it comes to taking care of themselves, they become the worst. Women often neglect themselves the most. 

They do want to look good and have the dream body, but they always choose a shortcut of not having proper meals or food. As a result of that, eventually, they develop an eating disorder. The worst part is that they do not have any idea about that. 


When it comes to eating disorders, most of us do not have the necessary piece of knowledge, and that is why we end up making mistakes. Here are some common questions with answers, which will clear out your thinking and ideas a little bit. 

Q1: Do Females Have The Same Rates Of Eating Disorders As Males?

In comparison to men, women have a 1.75-3 times higher prevalence for BED, bulimia, or anorexia. On the other hand, if we consider the subthreshold BED, men are 3 times more vulnerable than women. 

Q2: What Factors Contribute To The Large Percentage Of Women With Eating Disorders?

Though we have mentioned and discussed the reason why women are more vulnerable to eating disorders than men, here are some factors that work for that. 

  • Impulsive behavior.
  • Troubled relationships.
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Low self-esteem.

To Conclude

We hope from the above discussion you get an understanding of why women are more vulnerable to eating disorders than men. That is why before you comment on the body shape and size of a woman, you would think again as you do not know what the individual is going through. 

To all those women, we would like to say that you all are just beautiful the way you are. Do not let anyone believe you in anything else. And if you want to have the perfect body, opt for healthy eating habits after consulting your physician. 

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