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Taking Charge Of Your Well-Being: 8 Ways To Practice Spirituality Daily

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When it comes to overall wellness, many people often forget about their spirituality as they put more attention on physical and material things.

Some people have attached the meaning of their lives to how they physically look or how much fortune they have. Then, once the looks and wealth are gone, that’s when they realize the true meaning of ‘life with a purpose’ is beyond those things.

Instead, it’s how you attain inner peace, overcome obstacles and negative emotions, and serve well for yourself, the people around you, and for the higher power. 

What Is Spirituality? 

For starters, spirituality means establishing a strong connection to the higher power or someone more powerful than yourself.

Some may call it their God, Spirit, the Universe, or whatever you choose to address it or what belief system you subscribe to. Either way, having a profound sense of spiritual wellness will make it easier to live your life with meaning and purpose.

Furthermore, practicing spirituality in your daily life will enhance your inner peace and encourage a more positive mindset for yourself and the world around you. 

How To Practice Spirituality Daily? 

benefits of spirituality

Thankfully, it’s not yet too late to start cultivating spiritual awareness in your life. A few tools and practices can help you begin your daily spiritual practice. Most importantly, you need to commit to practicing these techniques daily until they become a habit. 

Here are eight ways to practice spirituality daily and live a more spiritual life. 

1. Start Your Morning With Meditation 

Begin your morning with meditation, even if it’s only for five minutes or less. This will enable you to start your day with positive and peaceful energy and make you feel more grounded.

While some people meditate by focusing on their breathing, you can also recite a short prayer, listen to guided meditation, or practice stillness and mindfulness.  

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Doing this every morning will create a deeper connection between your physical body and spirit and boost your compassion for yourself and others.

If you’re new to this and meditating by yourself seems overwhelming or challenging, you can always join a meditation group or prayer group to make it easier to practice spirituality daily.  

2. Be Mindful Of The Signs From The Universe 

spiritual bypassing.

Meditation promotes mindfulness. As you begin to get used to incorporating meditation into your mornings, this may also be a good time to start being mindful of the little messages sent by the Universe. Coincidences may be a thing, but synchronism is much more spiritual-like. When things seem to be going your way, take it as a sign that the Universe conspires to bring you great things. Ascribing it to mere luck and coincidence may lead you away from living a spiritual life. 

Meanwhile, believing that the great things happening in your life are purposely designed by the Universe for you means you’re open-minded and convinced that the Universe has your back. A great example of a sign from the Universe is finding money on the ground. When it comes to finding quarters spiritual meaning, it signifies you’ll soon face some new opportunities and fresh ideas. This is also the Universe’s way of telling you to stay optimistic as new changes and positive beginnings are coming your way.

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3. Practice Gratitude

You’ve probably heard this a lot but counting your blessings every day sends a powerful spiritual message. Focusing on your blessings will encourage you to be more positive and thankful instead of being angry, greedy, or bitter over the things you don’t have. The more appreciative you are, the more the higher power will provide blessings. Here are some rituals to practice gratitude daily.   

  • Every morning, think of the three things you’re grateful for. It can be that you’re awake, your loved one is sleeping peacefully beside you, or the weather is fine.  
  • You can start your gratitude journal and list down the things you’re thankful for each day. You can also have a gratitude journal on the kitchen or dining table for you and your family to read and write anything you consider a blessing.   

If practicing gratitude is something you often forget, you can set the alarm in the morning or in the afternoon to remind you to pause whatever you’re doing and take a few minutes to say your thanks and be grateful. 

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4. Give your 100%best

Flight to Light - the Mistake of Spiritual Bypassing

Boost your spiritual development by trying to give and help others daily. Don’t worry, as you don’t need to be wealthy to share and help others. You can show your generosity even in the simplest ways. For instance, if you have extra time after work, you can utilize it to volunteer at the nearest support group in your community. Every day when you walk from home, you can buy a small meal and give it to a street animal you come across. If you have skills, offer to do something to someone who needs it. If you pass by a stranger, make sure to smile and spread some positive energy through it.  

5. Live Healthier 

It’s hard to live with spirituality if your lifestyle is unhealthy. Remember, your body is the receptacle of your spirit. Thus, a spiritual life should go hand in hand with practicing healthy habits. So, take care of your physical needs by eating healthy, exercising more, sleeping enough, quitting smoking, or reducing your alcohol intake. Your physical health and spiritual health must complement each other.  

6. Read Books About Spiritual Living 

Reading is good for your mind, and it’s even better for your spirit when you read books about spiritual living. You can gain new insights and be inspired by some authors who have lived a spiritual life. Their tips and advice may also impart some new wisdom that you can apply daily.  

7. Spend More Time With Nature 

What Happens To Your Body In Nature

When you’re constantly surrounded by tall corporate buildings, malls, and fancy restaurants, it’s sometimes easy to forget about spirituality and be distracted by the material things around you.

So, if possible, commit yourself to spending a few minutes with nature every day. It can be walking on a beach every sunset or hiking to a scenic mountain before sunrise.  

If you live in a busy city with no access to a nearby beach or mountain, you can simply open your windows and look at the sky or the shapes of the clouds.

Better yet, you can step outside barefoot and feel the grass beneath your feet. The beauty of nature will help cleanse your spirit from negativity and boost your sense of awareness and mindfulness. 

8. Practice Mindful Breathing 

Mindful breathing isn’t solely for meditating or when you’re trying to get some sleep. You can also practice mindful breathing when you’re stuck in a situation that seems to test your patience and positive energy.

For instance, if you’re stuck in heavy traffic, at the end of a very long line at the grocery store, or your kids are throwing tantrums all at the same time, take this moment to pause and concentrate on your breathing.

Doing this will allow you to compose yourself and heal from the stress caused by the situation. 

Take-Home Message 

Many people are desperate to find meaning and purpose in their lives, and sometimes they look for it in all the wrong directions.

Thankfully, incorporating these spiritual practices into your daily routine will help you reconnect with your inner spirit and find your life’s true meaning and purpose that the Universe has set for you.

So, be responsible with your mind, body, and spirit, and eventually, it’ll lead you to better well-being.

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