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10 Best Love Story Books To Read

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Reading & visualizing love stories is always be exciting. Some people just love this genre.

There is so much to learn from them, like the creativity with which these stories are weaved or the wordplay that describes a perfect romance.

Are you a sucker for such stories? Do you like fantasy and romance novels?

If yes, then this is the right place for you. We have figured out some books under this genre that you may like. Here is the list of such romantic books.

Your Dreams Are Mine Now Written By Ravinder Singh

Your Dreams Are Mine Now

It is a story of two students who secure admission to one of Delhi University’s best colleges. They both come together through a political organization and then eventually fall in love. But it was not in their destiny to stay together for a long time. Something tragic happens, and the boy is left all alone with a heart full of grief and vengeance. His last promise to her was that ‘your dreams are mine now. It is a very emotional and touching story.

It Ends with Us Written By Colleen Hoover

“Colleen Hoover reminds readers that love is a fragile thing, built from courage, hope, and tears. Every person with a heartbeat should read this book.” — Kami Garcia, #1 New York Times bestselling author.”

It Ends with Us

This is a very tender story about Lily and her love. She came from a small town and worked very hard to have her own life. When she clicks with a neurosurgeon, she feels a spark and becomes an exception to his no-dating rule. She often finds herself thinking about his past love. But things turn upside down when he reappears. What do you think? Will this destroy the newly developed equation with the neurosurgeon?

The Wish Written by Nicholas Sparks

The Wish

It is the story of Maggie Dawes. She was sent away to stay with her aunt at the age of sixteen. She lived in a small town and always thought about the people and places she left behind. And then, things change completely when she meets Bryce. This taught her about love, and there is so much to love and adore. This also introduced her to photography. And this passion of hers defined the rest of her life. This love of hers gave a new shape to her life.

Wish You Were Here Written By Jodi Picoult

Wish You Were Here

This book is a New York Times bestseller, and its rights were sold to Netflix for its adaptation in a feature film. It was titled as one of the best books of the year by She Reads. This story is about Diana, who lives a perfect life both personally and professionally. She is about to go on a vacation with her family and boyfriend, who is likely to propose to her soon. But, a virus hits the city, and her boyfriend, who is a doctor, has to stay back. Reluctantly, she goes to the island for the vacation, but on reaching there, she finds the hotels to be shut and borders to be closed due to the pandemic. Now she is stuck there. Now you will know about how she evolved in that place and her journey to a new life. 

The Silent Wife Written By Kerry Fisher

The Silent Wife

A gripping and emotional book. It is full of twists and turns and questions the readers that how far can you go for the man you love? This is what the story is based on. This is about two women who are connected in some way and know the darkest secrets of their husbands but cannot disclose the same as it will destroy their husband’s reputation and hard-earned jobs. Thus, they are the prisoners in their very own marriage. Read the book to know what they are hiding. 

The Return Written By Nicholas Sparks.

The Return

Trevor never wanted to move back to North Carolina, but a terrible blast outside the hospital in Afghanistan where he worked left no choice for him. He had to go back with a lot of injuries. He wasn’t ready for love at this point in time, but when he saw the Sheriff for the first time, he felt an instant connection. Though she reciprocated to his feelings but always remained strangely distant, which made him wonder about her past and secrets. What do you think she is hiding? For that, you have to read the book.

Last Call Written By Elon Green

A “terrific, harrowing, true-crime account of an elusive serial killer who preyed upon gay men in the 1990s.”-The New York Times (Editor’s Pick)

Last Call-

This book is about a killer who prayed upon the gay community in New York City. He plays piano, and nobody could even, in their wild imagination, make a guess that he is a killer. He is a big serial killer, but due to the sexuality of his victims and the problem related to AIDS, most of his mothers are gone and unseen. It paints a picture of a society that is full of resilience and threat. 

Drinking: A Love Story Written By Caroline Knapp

The author says that millions of Americans are victims of alcoholism and a major part of them are women. Even the author was one among them. This is an extraordinary revealing memoir by the author. This is a unique love story, one like no other. Author’s love for alcohol. Here is a glimpse of the book.

Drinking- A Love Story

It was love at first sight—the beads of moisture on a chilled bottle. The way the glasses clinked and the conversation flowed. Then it became an obsession. The way she hid her bottles behind her lover’s refrigerator. The way she slipped from the dinner table to the bathroom, from work to the bar. And then, like so many love stories, it fell apart. Drinking is Caroline Kapp’s harrowing chronicle of her twenty-year love affair with alcohol.

When God Writes Your Love Story Written By Eric Ludy

When God Writes Your Love Story

This is not just a book but a perfect guide for relationships. The authors challenged the Singles to a new approach towards relationships. The one different from casual sexual desires. The author believes that when God writes your love story, it is pure and fulfilling. It makes you the happiest. The book also talks about the surprises of love after marriage. It provides a positive vision of love and romance. 

That Boy Written By Jillian Dodd

An Amazon Best Seller of 2020 (#57)

That Boy

This is about Danny who has perfect looks. A guy every girl desires and wants. He has a body to die for, and each moment spent with him is no less than an adventure. On the other hand is Phillip, who is equally perfect. A boy who never resists to help and rescue. The one who is very comforting. One boy teaches her how to kiss; the other one teaches her to make out. But only one of them will be that guy. Any guesses who? No more spoilers.

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