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Good Morning and Welcome to October, 2022

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What says your personal year number for the month of October this year: 

We are entering the seventh month of the current financial year, 2022, and will seek the blessings of Lord Ram on Dussehra and Goddess Lakshmi and God Ganesh on Diwali, the festival of lights, sweets, and firecrackers. This month of the year is full of prosperity and abundance by the group of festivals, i.e… Vijayadashmi, Narak Chaturdashi, Deepawali, Govardhan pooja, Bhai Dooj, Chitragupt pooja, and Kalam-Dawat pooja etc.  

How the energy of numbers will be going to perform during the month of October, 2022.

If your personal year number is 1, you may feel some ego clash with your working partner for taking your own place in the profession. You should control your false ego to balance your professional relationships and get success. Everyone has their own value and place to work on the same platform, and they need to understand and negotiate that accordingly.

If your personal year number is 2, you may feel that you need support in your workplace to negotiate and complete your pending tasks and achieve new opportunities. You are advised to maintain a happy, full environment for your supporters and well-wishers. 

If your personal year number is 3, you may feel like you want to grow as the best knowledgeable entrepreneur in your field. But don’t forget to help needy people. You are advised to communicate with egoless and civilized talk to be honored in society.

If your personal year number is 4, you may feel that you will get new opportunities on the basis of your talent and fruitful strategy. You are advised to live far away from your false commitments and promises. Control your habits of overthinking and overeating to manage your strategic, innovative path for sure success.  


If your personal year number is 5, you may feel more creative, adventurous, and restless at your workstation due to your quick results-oriented mind. You should avoid any type of interference in others’ boundaries to earn more money and opportunities. Keep yourself away from the opposite situation of egoistic tasks and inconsistent leadership behavior. 

If your personal year number is 6, you may feel good career opportunities to grow yourself globally, but you need to understand the difference between spiritual and material life aspects. This month, some types of ego crashes or unwanted obstacles to love-relationships can be seen. You should take care of your possessive nature of extra caring for everyone. 

If your personal year number is 7, you may feel like a spiritual leader or enlightened people network around you, but be careful to differentiate between good or bad for following them, because all the decisions can’t be taken from heart, sometimes you need to use your mind also. For example, you love to live a creative and artistic way of life, but keep yourself away from the materialistic world. 

If your personal year number is 8, you may feel this month is productive for you, but you are advised to maintain a good and understanding relationship with your respected parents. In addition, you should maintain a harmonious atmosphere at your routine workplace to seek proper support from your seniors and well-wishers.  


If your personal year number is 9, you may feel some extra power and commands to complete your tasks in a given time period. You may stick to some type of emotional decisions or false relationships due to your humanitarian nature. You are advised to maintain your own boundary wall to balance your personal and professional life.  

For calculating your personal year number, sum up your birth date and birth month with four digits of the current year and get a single digit. For example, if your date of birth is 24th September, 1983, the equation of your personal year number will be 24+9+2022 = 2+4+9+2+0+2+2 = 21 = 2+1 = 3.

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Diwali with a lot of blissful abundance for the whole festival month. 

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