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6 Most Funniest Zodiac Signs

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As most of us aspire to be hilarious, not everyone is. Some people can laugh for hours on end, whereas others take life a bit (or a lot) more critically. 

But there’s something to the adage “laughing is the ultimate medicine”-it’s challenging to resist someone who can make you laugh. 

Have you ever wondered where you get your sense of humor? Likely, your aptitude for hilarious satire had much to do with your horoscope.

Continue reading about these six comical zodiac signs, ranging from mildly amusing to full-fledged comedians.


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Cancer may be the unexpected visitor on our list. However, these moon-ruled people often have a pretty caustic sense of humor.

If you don’t fully understand Cancer closely, you may miss out on this more lighthearted side. Despite only their closest friends seeing this side of them, “their jabs and barbs are executed with flawless pace and tone.”

So, don’t confuse their quiet personalities for lack of wit: if they’re relaxed enough around you to be themself, their humor will get out.


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Aquarius can be weirdos, and this extends to their bizarre sense of humor. 

This air sign is “quirky, whimsical, and funny,” and “Aquarians will frequently utilize their talent for speech to promote things that they trust in, and they promote the greater culture to have pleasure without making a mockery of anyone.” 

Expect this lively sign to try all means necessary, including witty jokes, to persuade you to support their opinions.


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Leos are typically regarded as “stern,” although they are, at their core, performers. 

This sign aspires to be the finest at everything, including hosting and amusing the folks around them. However, this might also be their demise. 

So watch out: Leos are “often quite hilarious, yet demanding to the point of becoming annoying.”


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While Virgo may appear to be an unusual sign to include on our list, you’ve definitely laughed in their presence if you actually understand one. 

Their immaculate façade can frequently conceal playfulness and a wicked sense of humor. Underneath their posh exteriors, Virgos, like Geminis, are affected by Mercury. 

That explains the Virgos in your life “have a wonderful blend of creativity and can bounce off of themselves sweetly and amusingly.”


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Sagittarius is known as “the epitome of intellectual prowess,” capable of seeing the underlying causes of any event and converting them into brief, crisply phrases.

This sign “enjoys a good time and enjoys eliciting giggles from the audience.”

And because they want to be liked by others, they’re “frequently inventive and intellectual in their humor,” which makes it simple to get the audience laughing and wondering about the hidden implications of a joke.


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If you’re a friend of Gemini, your cheeks are probably sore from laughing so hard. This sign can be intense, but they also enjoy telling jokes and having everyone around them laugh.

Geminis are both “two-faced entertainers” and “the Clown.” Gemini understands how to show off their wit and satire while easily making others crack up at the drop of a hat.

“The Zodiac’s most joyful sign.” Their “truly genuine mood” means that they always make people giggle.


These friendly, entertaining people enjoy being the center of attention, letting everybody around them grin. So whenever you get a chance, appreciate them for making your mood a bit happier cause you know that making someone laugh isn’t a cup of tea for everyone.

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